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Physical Description

Body Features

This young female cathar has attentive, spirited yellow eyes that regards her surroundings with great interest, as if not wanting to miss a single detail. The catlike ears are very mobile and keep turning this way and that – both to listen in to her surroundings and to enhance her already colorful body language. Khazri has a soft, short coat of fur that ranges from ashen grey to coal black, with distinctive darker patterns. She has a black, full mane running from the top of her head and down her shoulders, growing shorter further down until naturally transitioning to the length of the rest of the coat.   When moving, she does so with the characteristic feline grace of her people and the trained elegance of a noblewoman. While her exterior look tame and civilized, there is something feral reflected in her eyes and in her aura. As if something darker and much more savage stalks just below the surface.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Khazri was born to slaves and lived her first couple of years at an estate on Thule. While life as a slave was harsh her parents did their best to teach her as much as they could of her people’s history and culture and how to use her born instincts before the anticipated day she’d be pulled out of their hands. Most of the time from the age of two all until she reached eight years she was being kept much as a pet for their master’s family’s oldest daughter. While treated ill by the spoiled youngster it did have hear learn much about how the upper echelons of society functioned.   It wasn’t until the age of twelve she was discovered force-sensitive which set of a riot at the mansion where she lived. The daughter that owned her refused to wanting to acknowledge it, and the master of the estate intending on keeping it silent as to appease her. Khazri’s parents saw the opportunity of having one of their litter get the chance of a worthier life. With some subtlety, they alerted Sith in the close by city to the fact a force-sensitive was being hidden on the estate, and she was taken away the next day.   She spent only two years catching up on all she needed to learn at the Sith Academy on Korriban, initially only thought of being sent out another acolyte foot soldier for the ongoing war. Her fate took another unexpected turn though as a Sith Lord looking for an apprentice arrived… and she was singled out as one of several prospective supplicants for that role.

Occupation Sith Apprentice
Year of Birth
2 BTC 17 years old
Current Residence
Dromund Kaas
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
House Theral
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Galactic Basic (Native)


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