Kaval Xarazz

Written by BlueTyger

Kaval "Kav" Roan Xarazz

“This chapter ends here, Finn… this so called friendship ends here. And if you do the honour of sending assassins on me or Allie, I will kill you. And you know I will succeed.”   His words came out cold and precise, his eyes mirrored the cold voice and when he had stopped, Finn finally spoke.   “Nicely summated, Kav. You saved me the trouble of explaining.” Finn kept his pose and continued, “But before you even think of killing me, I have to inform you off that my bounty hunter found your schematics and they are in my possession. If you kill me, you will never see them again.”   Kaval’s inner made a jolt as he heard that, but he kept his emotions under control. His eyes kept that cold glint as he listened and Finn continued.   “Your strong sense of duty will keep you here Kaval, closed chapter or not.”   This is exactly why I hate Sith, Kaval thought and mirrored Finn’s stance with crossed arms.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Normal sized with healthy abs under a personalized, silver-plated, black/brown leather armor.

Identifying Characteristics

Facial tattoos in deep red and orange that gives him a rather "bird of prey" look. When frowning, the tattoos and his eyes make him look like one.

Physical quirks

Right handed

Special abilities

Kaval is weak in the Force but compensates it with being able to use almost anything he get in his hands as a weapon. When using the little Force he possess, he can anticipate what the foe will do next, making him a hard target.

Apparel & Accessories

His gear contains several sheaths for different kind of weapons. For now, he uses no weapons at all.

Specialized Equipment

He can make anything into a deadly weapon.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Single child, parents Lahane and Trich Xarazz – both dead. Kaval inherited the family home and all the assets, when selling of the lot, he had a good base to stand on, devided on several accounts all over the Sith controlled sector.   On Korriban he was shoved off as waste, basically told to "frell off and die" so he never learnt to fully handle the little Force he possessed.   He was forced to teach himself about how to control his aura and how to use the Force when in battle, and as a soldier he mainly uses it to anticipate what his opponent is going to do next. On Korriban he also met a cheerful Sith that got to be his friend and stayed so for many years.   He is trained and decorated as an Imperial Officer and Sith, serving under several Lords during most skirmishes and wars along the way.


Korriban basic education
Imperial Army - Officer training
Close Combat expert
Additional education - Engineering
Additional education - Physics


Recruited to House Dhomum on Ord Radama as an arms developer
Reqruited to House Blackstar on Dromund Kaas as a combat instructor and arms developer
Reqruited to House Thul on Alderaan as a combat instructor

Failures & Embarrassments

Lost his blueprints on his way to Alderaan and with that, countless of effort and time.

Intellectual Characteristics


Morality & Philosophy

Never exaggerate, if you have to do something, do it. No tortures or other kark. If you have to kill, make it quick and painless.

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

In private he feels the Force as a rumble within, not knowing how to read it or use it. When exposed to strong feelings nearby, it tires him as he cannot handle the information his mind and soul receives.


Religious Views



His voice is strong, a little harsh.

Wealth & Financial state

Rather poor at the moment as he's waiting for full citizenship in the Republic.

Occupation Arms Engineer
Year of Birth
22 BTC 37 years old
Dromund Kaas
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Deep orange that glows when excited.
Very short cropped black hair (military cut).
Skin Tone
Aligned Organization
Galactic Republic
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Galactic Basic (Native)
Character Prototype
Orlando Bloom


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