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Darth Katos Aldaquinn Joen Theral (a.k.a. Kessir Morlgum)

Physical Description

Body Features

Katos is tall and athletic built, appearing strong and at an excellent physique for his age. The medium long hair has already gone to shifting entirely in silver and white, and there’s visible wrinkles at the corner of his eyes. He has steel grey eyes and a firm gaze. Carries distinct red facial tattoos. Straight-backed, he has a grim demeanor and an unsettling stare.   The most catching feature about him is the well protected aura he keeps at all times, making him hard to read for other Force-users. Combined with his gruff exterior it has had many misjudge his persona in the past.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born Katos Theral, of the Alderaanian house Theral, he had a childhood not particularly different from many other nobles if not counting a certain amount of shyness. He remained a fairly quiet child with a kind heart and an insatiable hunger for learning new things.   It wasn’t until his eight year that the force-sensitivity began to show and it was with a mixture of sadness and pride that the immediate family handed him over to the Jedi Order for training. He proved a willing student there to his assigned master, Knight Je’arn Beren, and easily accepted the teachings of the Jedi. He was knighted not long after his 22nd birthday and was introduced fully to the Circle of Shadows as one of their newest Shadow Hunters. Even past his time as a padawan he worked alongside Je’arn for many years with the task of tracking down and either sealing away or destroying dangerous Force artifacts, rooting out corruption in tainted areas and redeeming Sith. Unlike the rest of the Jedi Order the Circle of Shadows were often considered a bit more extreme, and slaying the Sith that refused to renounce their Dark path was a perfectly viable means of dispensing redemption.   Katos, as well as his master Je’arn, were at the Jedi Temple during the Sacking of Coruscant. Knowing that it was a losing battle they made their best in trying to save as many wounded and defenseless as they could. Katos himself managed to get a group of young initiates and padawans out of the temple grounds and into a safer hiding. A few years later at their new haven on Tython he met with one of the initiates he had rescued there, a Twi’lek girl named Lyara V’anth, and they both felt a connection to each other through the Force. Despite having planned on never taking a padawan on his own he ended up training the young Lyara until she herself was knighted. Although, a bit to his own relief, she chose another path than the Circle of Shadows within the Jedi Order.   Later the same year, civil war broke out on Alderaan, and Katos decided to aid in the Republic effort to help House Organa establish peace again. Here though things turned upside down for him: during his visit, he received a message that his own home grounds had come under Empire attack. Upon returning home to his family’s estate in the Alsakan Highlands he found most of his family and relatives taken hostage by a young Sith Lord named Ghendh Korênt’h. The Sith had been hunting him for years after he had redeemed a brother and slain a father of this man. The Sith craved that Katos would surrender in exchange for the lives of the hostages and seeing no other option Katos laid down his weapons and submitted to the Sith’s demands. He was incapacitated and brought back to the Sith’s base on Dromund Kaas. The hostages were let to live but sent to Quesh to work in the venom mines, in order to ensure the Jedi kept cooperating.   For two years Katos was kept in the Sith’s underground complex, slowly tortured until he broke and yielded to the Dark Side. Remolded by the Sith, he emerged under the alias Kessir Morlgum as Ghendh’s second apprentice. A bitter, defeated and hateful man. He eventually, with some unwelcomed help, managed to start piece himself together again in order to stop being the puppet of Ghendh. As the width of Ghendh’s madness is slowly uncovered he gains the backing of most of the Overseers at House Korênt’h, to at the end finally come full circle and slay his master and assume the title of Darth that Ghendh had received… and along with it a Sith House of his own.

Morality & Philosophy

Preferring action before talk, Katos has never been one for long-winded discussions or deep conversation even though certainly being capable of it. He’d rather let his actions speak for him and let people believe what they will of his motives. Overall, he is fair, straightforward but cautious, with a strong sense of honor.   Though generally passive and quiet if left alone, he has a very short fuse and is quick to anger. Luckily his fits of fury seldom last long.

Occupation House Lord
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
32 BTC 47 years old
Current Residence
Dromund Kaas
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
House Theral
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Galactic Basic (Native)


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