Kaesel Hoprag

Written by Shimantha

Kaesel "Keso" Hoprag (a.k.a. Hunter)

Kaesel opened a fresh bottle of beer and grunted. The fully tattooed body was still bare and in the weak light from Nal Hutta’s capital city, it showed as a map of his life, etched on his strong and slender form as black and stark red tattoos in intricate forms and patterns. The rented room was scruffy and worn, and did not smell so much flowers as it did dirt and dust. His sensitive nose wrinkled once more as he rose to get to the small lavatory to relieve himself while swigging the bottle.   The frelling Lord’s request didn’t bother him much, the koochoo named Cuvho was a known little ratface, so once back by the lumpy bed and the rickety table, he browsed through the intel that Lord Kharn had sent while rubbing the abs on his stomach. He needed to do some research of his own. As he took another look at the one third of the payment, the actual sum dawned on him and he made a crooked smile. Yes, this was a bounty he could fully concentrate on. He wondered about the datapad that was the grand price. Not that he would risk his neck by opening it, but still… these kinds of amounts always rose some questions.   Absently his hand found the food carton, searching for something to fill his ever-craving stomach with and he swore as it was empty. The almond-shaped green and yellow eyes narrowed, and he opened a channel on the comm-unit.   “Ves, ya there?”   A sour looking, dirty haired human woman answered and her voice sounded tired, hopeless and beaten.   “What’s up, Keso?”   “Havin’ sum grub left?” Kaesel grunted, still reading the intel he got before.   “Ye, I’ve got some pounds left. Want me to spice it up for you?” The woman sighed, still sounding tired.   “That’d be grate, Ves.”   “Yeah yeah, I know. It’ll be done when you get down here.”   The channel closed.   She got beaten again by the sleezgit of a husband, he thought. One day Gerr would end up dead as Veseria had been a grand woman once. Tall and curvy, her very presence made many men adore her and promise her the galaxy for even a glance. Perhaps someone would step up for her. Some day. He shrugged.   Women were prone to love what’s wrong for them, weren't they?

Physical Description

Body Features

Slender wiry body with toned muscles.
He’s got two sharp, small, frontal horns and a crown of larger ones.
He has large, sharp, fingernails on his hands.

Identifying Characteristics

His body is covered with tattoos, from head to toe. The orange-red skin is barely exposed at all, not even around his private parts.

Special abilities

Good tracker, tuned his zabraki abilities and sharpens his claws and horns so they are deadly weapons as well.

Apparel & Accessories

Dresses in a gray-white biochemical suit that fits his body like a second skin and keeps him both protected and noiseless. He also has his only lover, Pearl, who is a slim, superfast, fighter ship. He needs no other love.

Specialized Equipment

He prefers a short vibrostaff before a loud blaster but do handle a blaster if he’s out of options.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kaesel was born in a storage unit on Quesh by an enslaved mother, father unknown. His mother ‘bought’ his freedom by making such a rucket to shield his escape when he turned 10. Before that she was urging him to get home to Iridonia, find his relatives and prepare for a hard life.   He became a tracker and a hunter on Iridonia, finding his mother’s clan, Kil’Tannath.   Years later, he joined the Imperial Army as a scout. From that the step to bounty hunting was a short one and more rewarding, credit wise, than the army. He got sort of ‘adopted’ by the duros Furi Makh, which showed him how to do it, make a profit of bounty hunting and from that, get what you want.


Iridonian education, including everything.

Morality & Philosophy

Kaesel is a narcissist.   He doesn’t fraternize with either men or women from any species, he alone is good enough for him. No one else will do, or rather, he hasn’t found anyone to match him yet.   He doesn’t speak much, when he does it’s mostly slang from the Hutta streets.

Personality Characteristics


He doesn't like his rough skin, so he uses oils, scrubs and massages to keep his skin smooth and spotless. He spends countless of credits on bath houses, serpent oils and body butter.


Contacts & Relations

Furi Makh - his mentor and father-figure
Yurk'khult - both an associate and rival
Finnrick Kharn - a Sith Lord

Family Ties

Mother dead, father unknown. Siblings unknown. Belongs to Clan Kil'Tannath, a small and independent clan close to the dark part of Iridonia.

Religious Views

Pays respect to Zabraki Pantheon.

Social Aptitude

Very few social skills.

Wealth & Financial state

Two accounts that he uses independantly.

Occupation Bounty Hunter
Year of Birth
28 BTC 43 years old
Current Residence
Nal Hutta
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Orange eyes with a black rim.
One long string of hair that starts at the center of the skull and back. It is most often braided and kept in place with a silvery clasp.
Known Languages
Huttese (Native)
Meesa Caulf
Sy Bisti
Character Prototype
Alexander Skarsgård


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