One With The Force

Written by Shimantha

Jyntax Oradath

Physical Description

Body Features

His left side showed his status as a hunter and his left arm proudly displayed over thirty successful pit-fights. On the back of the skull was the sign that told everyone that he had killed a Blodbest. His abdomen was free from tattoos, but the left leg had countless of triangles, only he and the shaman knew what they stood for.

Facial Features

Skull and cheeks showed his clan's attributes.

Identifying Characteristics

The back of his head sported a grand display - the rune that told everyone that he had killed a Blodbest. (Story can soon be read separately)

Apparel & Accessories

He dressed himself in a casual vest, baggy pants and low-cut boots. Liked blasters and were good with them.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born on Rattatak within clan Narath, to Uthe and Kix, as the second son in a desert clan. He met Yxakkar Qoches as a young boy (age of seven) and grew to be a brother to the Darth son.   As an adult, he and his partner in life, Henry Rathord, lived on Alderaan.   Once he was off chart for a year and a half… He had found Nok Drayen’s grandson and won a game of Pazaak to learn piloting from him.   Jyntax was skilled enough to land over, under, behind and in front of enemy lines to drop of supplies for the civies. He got to know his Captains large ship so well that he could land it almost literally on a credit chip.


Piloting - learnt on Nal Hutta

Accomplishments & Achievements

Learnt how to land the freighter Leagh anywhere.

Intellectual Characteristics

Sporting a logical mind, he was apt at solving puzzles and enigmas.

Morality & Philosophy

Cheerful type, loved pazaak, cheap beer and betting.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Can't handle liquor.

Likes & Dislikes

Dislike Sith

Virtues & Personality perks

Very loyal and true to his human lover, Henry, which is very uncharacteristic for a Rattataki.

Vices & Personality flaws

Addicted to Bangsi 's "Boom-Boom" which is a pick-me-up to use after a vet night.


Family Ties

Parents: Mother Srayta (dead) and father Csete Sister: Saire Cousin: Leagh - Yxakkar Qoches's mate

Religious Views

Paid respect to the Unifier.

Social Aptitude

A very good gambler, has a stony facial expression when dead serious.


His voice was dark and a little humoristic.

Wealth & Financial state

Kept an account that when he died, accrued to his partner in life, Henry.

Occupation Pilot, Gambler
19 BTC 15 ATC 34 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by a torpedo on Nar Shaddaa, launched from Samronarth's the Bantha.
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Light gray eyes
Known Languages
Rattataki (Native)
Galactic Basic


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