Joining of Souls

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Rattataki believe in the concept of soul-mating, where a man and a woman have been purposefully designed in advance by the Unifier to belong to each other. They consider it to be stronger than the traditional sense of love, and while it can be sensed by a pair it can only be fully discovered with the help of a shaman.   If the shaman sees the invisible tethers linking the two together, he will reveal them before the pair and the rest of the tribe through a joining of souls before the Unifier. During this ritual, the soul-bond is made official, and often laid bare for eternity through a special tattoo unique for the new soul-mates. This bond will then last for the rest of their mortal life, and Rattataki remain faithful and loyal in soul to their mate.   Something of note however, is that this is all a highly spiritual bond. A Rattataki’s body is still considered their own, and nobody would think twice about bonded individuals pursuing various lovers – often without any feelings of jealousy from their mate. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for a woman to have several children with different fathers.

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Death of a Mate

In the tragic case of a soulmate's death, their soul will be set to Return to the Unifier as is customary. The grieving mate will augment their tattoo to signify that a half of their soul has traveled back to the Unifier and will be waiting for them to join them there. It's a very spiritually harrowing experience and the one left behind will often never truly stop grieving even if tradition dictate them having to carry on after the customary four days of mourning.   Someone who has lost their soulmate won't take another one for the rest of their lives, but are still free to pursue lovers should they wish to.


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