Jaxel Haley

Written by Shimantha

Doctor Jaxel "Jay" Haley (a.k.a. Cerebros)

Formely known as Jaylazz Madriah Ley.

Physical Description

Body Features

Rather pale and slender. Long and wiry musculature.

Facial Features

Sports a grand (vivid red) walrus mustache.

Identifying Characteristics

Has a small tattoo, formed as a bird on his lower back.

Apparel & Accessories

Wears a sleeveless jacket, plain pants and soft boots when not working, otherwise the traditional green scrubs.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

W.I.P   Born as only child on Tatooine, close to Mos Ila. Parents owned a moist-farm. Both parents was killed by Sand People when Jay was about 14. Worked as an errand boy at Mos Ila Hospital until he got credits enough to get off the planet. The shuttle took him to Nar Shaddaa...
He got to work at a smaller hospital on Nar, worked with a surgeon named Homeo Prager and agreed to take young Jay as "apprentice". They moved their practice towards Shadow Town so they could help those in real need and had scarce funds.

At the age of 20 he met a man named Marcus Hart, a republic Admiral, a knowledge that made Jay cautious, born Imperial as he was. Marcus however, nurtured the "friendship" and sponsored the small infirmary where Jay still worked. So when Jay turned 21, Marcus paid for med-school and became asort of role-model for the young man. The Admiral also hints about an organization called CBSI and their work for the Galaxy.

At the age of 22, Jay joined the Bureau, CBSI, and are paired up with and older agent called Blitz who taught him the trades and rules.Agent Cerebros is created.
When Jay turned 23, he was sent to Coruscant together with Agent Blitz to aid the needing in the Sacking. At the end of the campaign, agent Blitz dies in Jay's arms.
The same year he meets Krodja Hrata, a rattataki man, and his woman Vitra Suteja and a good friendship grows between the two men.
At the age of 25, he got his doctors licence and starts to work with the homeless, orphans and other people in need. He accepted trade of favours and items instead of credits when the patient was broke. At the end of the year, Marcus asks him to take on some military training on Coruscant and Jay accepts. At the age of 26, Marcus gives him a "suggestion" to move to Dromund Kaas and set up shop there. As his imperial accent never disappeared and CBSI needed people in place to gather intel from the Empire, Jay accepted. His friend Krodja decided to come along as he had lost his woman due to rattataki rage and vengeance.


Juvie school on Tatooine
Medical trainee on Nar Shaddaa
Medical School on Nar Shaddaa
Medical School on Ord Masterra (Surgery)
Military Education on Ord Mantell (Republic Assassination Boot Camp)

Closequarter Combat (Knives), Expert
Military Training, Intermediate
Medical Training, Advanced
Field Operations, Expert

Accomplishments & Achievements

Made a mandalorina clan to listen and respect him.

Failures & Embarrassments

Failed to protect his cell when the Kaas Karkstorm came.

Morality & Philosophy

When he gets an opportunity, he can talk for hours, both about his work or about nothing in particular.
He is generally a kind person who takes life maybe not so serious. Although in situations that need his profession, he is brilliant, calm and assertive. If provoked, he is a good fighter, prefer vibroknives and throwing knives to blasters. He loves strong whiskey and smoked sausage.
Father of twins, Tanya and Hart and have an adopted son, Tibur.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Good at hiding his whyskey-stash so his wife doesn't know about it. He fails as she finds it almost every time.

Likes & Dislikes

Loves life. Fights death.


As a surgeon, he has seen what bacteria can do, so he keep clean and makes sure that his family does the same.


Family Ties

Parents (Gabriel and Jasina) dead.
Wife Tabine Haley (formerly Tabeth'eh Ley) Adopted son Tibur Haley (formerly Ver'en Ley) Twin infants - Gabriel Hart and Tanya Anjelica

Religious Views

Pays respect to the Living Force

Social Aptitude

Easy going, make friends easily.

Wealth & Financial state

He and his wife has two savings accounts. One for the kids and one for themselves. Funds has been scarce for a while though, as they had to dig in the savings to make it to Coruscant.

Occupation Surgeon, Agent
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
24 BTC 39 years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Bright green
Vivid red hair, and nowadays, kept short and tidy.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Galactic Basic (Native)
Jawa Trade
Galactic Sign
Character Prototype
David Boreanaz

  • 23 BTC

    Life, Birth

    Jaylazz is born on Tatooine.

  • 14 BTC

    9 BTC

    Street Kid
    Life, Crime

    Jaylazz starts to roam the streets of Mos Ila together with a band of rowdy kids.

  • 9 BTC

    Life, Trauma/ Loss

    His parents are killed by Sand People when their moisture farm is raided.

  • 8 BTC

    7 BTC

    Attempted Farmer
    Life, Career

    Jay tries to keep the moisture farm running after his parents death, but is forced to sell it eventually.

  • 6 BTC

    Leaving Home
    Life, Career

    Jay decides to leave Tatooine behind and takes a shuttle to Nar Shaddaa. A few months later he becomes acquainted with the surgeon Homeo Prager, who decides to take him in as a sort of apprentice.

  • 5 BTC

    4 BTC

    Shadow Town Practice
    Life, Relocation

    Homeo and Jaylazz set up a small clinic in Shadow Town, where they focus on offering their services to prison inmates and nearby local gangs.

  • 3 BTC

    Republic Occupation
    Life, Milestone

    The clinic is for a while taken over by Republic military forces in need of medical services for their troops. While at first cautious, as Jay is by birth technically imperial, both he and Homeo is treated well and respectfully by them. Their highest ranking officer, Marcus Hart, makes a strong impression on the young man.

  • 2 BTC

    Free Education
    Life, Career

    Marcus Hart stays in touch with Jaylazz and Homeo, and eventually offers to arrange for a formal medical education for Jay so he can get a doctor's license in time. The older military man becomes somewhat of a role model.

  • 1 BTC

    The CBSI
    Life, Career

    Once Marcus Hart feels he knows Jay well enough, he offers the young man to join a secret agent service so he be in on "the good fight". He's assigned to Agent Blitz who'll teach him their rules and how they work. Jay is given the alias Agent Cerebros once considered ready to work on his own.

  • 0 BTC

    Death of a Mentor
    Life, Trauma/ Loss

    Jaylazz is informed that his friend and mentor Blitz died during the Sacking of Coruscant. After mourning, Jay decides to dedicate his life to aiding others and never hurt another being unless in self-defense.

  • 0 BTC

    The Rattataki
    Life, Relationship change

    Jaylazz patches up the rattataki Krodja Hrata after the latter had gotten caught up in a street brawl. He also got to meet the rattataki's woman, Vitra Suteja - and surprisingly the three go along well together. As Krodja keeps showing up now and then to get patched up their friendship develop further.

  • 1 ATC

    Military Bootcamp
    Life, Education

    Marcus persuades Jay to at least get rudimentary military training, and the officer personally trains him on the side.

  • 1 ATC

    License to Heal
    Life, Career

    Jaylazz finishes his education and receives his doctor's license. He decides to open up the practice to accept the homeless, orphans and other misfortunate souls that usually aren't able to pay for medical services. One of them keeps being his rattataki friend, and they grow closer as the man in turn decides to pay back by assuring the practice stays safe.

  • 2 ATC

    Vitra's Death
    Life, Trauma/ Loss

    Jay finds Krodja tied up and brutally maimed, and Vitra slain in cold blood. The surviving rattataki is brought to the clinic and forced to stay with Jay for several months to heal his wounds and mend broken bones.

  • 3 ATC

    First Real Assignment
    Life, Organisation Association

    Jay is asked by Marcus to take on his first real assignment as an undercover agent by moving to Dromund Kaas and opening a clinic there instead. The bureau needs a group that can keep eyes on Sith and imperial movements. When Jay tells Krodja of the intent to move, the rattataki insists on follow along.   He is accompanied by the technician Lorce and two other people also working for the bureau.

  • 4 ATC

    A New Home
    Life, Relocation

    Jay raises a field clinic in the jungles not far from Kaas City. It consists of five barracks in a ring, with a perimeter fence surrounding it to keep the wildlife at bay. Just like on Nar Shaddaa, he offers his services for nearly nothing to aid the less fortunate.

  • 6 ATC

    Love at first sight
    Life, Relationship change

    Jay meets Tabeth'eh, who at the time worked as a bouncer at a downtown cantina. He became enthralled right away, and was mighty impressed by how such a small woman could instill such respect in mandalorians and other tough patrons frequenting the place.

  • 8 ATC

    Life, Relationship change

    Jay and Tabz decide to marry.

  • 8 ATC

    Unplanned Adoption
    Life, Relationship change

    A wounded orphan named Ve'ren is found by Jay, patched up and then adopted by the man.

  • 11 ATC

    New Subordinate
    Life, Organisation Association

    Jay is given the responsibility to oversee another agent in imperial space, Reolleh, which proves to be easier said than done.

  • 14 ATC


    The start of a "Frellstorm"
    Life, Organisation Association

    Hiding a carbonited slab with a significant "prisoner" - and Sith to add to the confusion - under the office floor is never a good idea...

  • 14 ATC


    Assaulted by a Sith
    Disaster / Destruction

    Jaylazz almost gets killed when defending the carbonited slab. Sith Lady Visceral Blackstar mauls him good when stealing it from the office building.


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