Jaliin Ratec

Written by Shimantha

Jaliin Ratec Jun'Ratec

He steered his steps toward the dojo, sliding the heavy door to the side and walking inside. A number of conventional weapons hung along the walls, training tools beneath and a durable mat covering the floor was all the decorations they had in there. His skin glistened from the rain that had fallen on it. As usual when around his home his clothing was relaxed – he hadn't even bothered to close the robe he wore. It just hung loosely over his shoulders.   The yellow eyes fell on the powerfully zabraki woman who was busying herself training inside the wide open room. So far she had kept up well. Remained strong and unbreakable.   "Jaliin," he called out in the deep and hoarse voice.   She ended her exercise by throwing the swords towards the opposite wall from where she was, having then getting stuck in the all, separated by a couple of centimeters space. Turning towards the Master she bowed. Her body were almost as bare as his, a piece of cloth tied around her full breasts and a simple loin-cloth around her hips. That was it. Straightening up she met his piercing yellow gaze without hesitation.   "Yes, Master?"   "I have work for you," he said and then turned around.   "But first we'll dine. I am famished."   There was a silent command in his voice. He walked over toward the main house.   She looked after him when he went out.   Famished.   Yes, she knew what that meant, so she walked after him and got to the large canister behind the dojo. A pull in a string made rain water wash over her, sweeping away perspiration and other fluids from her training and then she took off her scarse clothing. Naked she walked to her room found a thin robe and just draped herself on her way to the storages.   A tray got filled with eating bowls and jars, two kinds of raw meat. Smaller bowls with different spices and two different sauces. Her favourite one and his. A jug of ice cold water and two high glasses. She carried the tray to the centre room and placed it on the low table. When done she backed a few steps and waited for her Master.   And her master joined her soon in the main room. Without a word he fixated his eyes on her, keeping her naked body in focus the entire distance over to the table. He sank down cross-legged by it.   Only then did he shift his attention to what she had served up. It pleased him, and he began with skewering a piece of meat from one bowl, used the other to get his pick of spices to slap onto it, and then finished by grabbing the bowl of sauce to dip it into.   "I am sending you for a hunt," he revealed before biting into the raw meat, its juices flowing down his chin and staining the bare chest.   She bowed as he entered and let herself be scrutinized by him but she waited until he sank down to eat. Kneeling, she placed herself opposite him and started to eat as well. As he spoke, she looked up and nodded while answering,   "Yes Master."   She dipped her meat in the bowl of sauce and savoured the flavour while she waited for him to tell her what prey they wanted and needed.   "It may turn into your greatest challenge yet," Sarothar continued after finishing the meat. He licked his fingers clean.   In a corner of the room, a pair of akk dogs stirred as the two Sith began their meal. Their snouts moved as they caught whiff of the raw meat but remained where they were. Waiting expectantly.   The Darth ignored the animals and simply went for another pick of meat, and repeated the ritual.   "You will leave after we are finished here."   She bowed her head, waited until her mouth was empty of food before she said,   "I am eager to start, Master."   "Your enthusiasm pleases me," he responded with.   Sarothar continued to dine in silence until he had gotten his fill of food. His yellow gaze fell on her again, glimmering with another type of hunger while licking his fingers clean and drying his mouth. He slowly got up from the floor and started rounding the table, closing the gap between them.

Physical Description

Body Features

A bit t-shaped, rather narrow hips with an ample bosom and wide, strong shoulders. She’s got a sixpack.
She has a musky, raw, natural scent and speaks with a hoarse, dark voice.
Due to her Master’s disposition, she’s scarred all over her body.

Facial Features

Hairless, a Sith tattoo covers her face and hiding her tribal tattoo that shows where she's from

Identifying Characteristics

Her upper arms and thighs are tattooed.

Apparel & Accessories

As Darth Flaye's ( Sarothar Havron ) apprentice, she isn't allowed to wear clothes, they have to be earned. When she's sent outside the House, shes wearing a loincloth and a harness that shields her breasts and has the maglock that holds her two vibroswords.

Specialized Equipment

Very good with swords, haven't learnt to handle a saber, she has to earn that knowledge.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jaliin was "stolen" from her clan and delivered to Sarothar Havron, under pretence of apprenticeship. However, it was a slave and servant he needed. He put her on Korriban for a year to get her into the Imperial system, after that she's been kept at his House on Dromund Kaas. She had been in his House for three years.   Darth Flaye has kept her within the frames of (his version of) Iridonian traditions and the Sith Code.


Formal Iridonian education and training, focusing on her connection to the Ancestors. She has gone through all trials. Sith training on Korriban

Morality & Philosophy

Jaliin is stubborn, strong and have loads of guts, enough to stand tall against Darth Flaye.
She is very direct, straight forward, and aren't keen on beating around the bush, so to speak.

Personality Characteristics


Kill her Master...

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Apt at surviving with small means.


Contacts & Relations

Avau Vukrana
Sarothar Harvon

Family Ties

Father: Gur Uli'Rannec (A gathering clan far west of the city Wortan)(One with the Force)
Mother: Flama Jun'Ratec (A clan known for their connection to the Ancestors. The clan is placed close to the Great Burial Site.
Sisters: Jach Ratec (23) - Yla Ratec (24)

Religious Views

Zabraki Pantheon

Social Aptitude

Before she was "stolen", she was a very spiritual young woman, but her master silenced her by abuse. Nowadays she is rough and very direct in her dealings with others.

Hobbies & Pets

In House Havron, she caught and fostered two akk-dogs.

Occupation Sith Apprentice
Year of Birth
5 BTC 20 years old
Current Residence
Dromund Kaas
Biological Sex
Red, blackrimmed, eyes
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Ul'zabrak (Native)
Galactic Basic
Character Prototype
Amy Hunter


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