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Star Wars: Between Dark and Light is the name we’ve decided to give the alternate verse of Star Wars: The Old Republic that we’re writing and roleplaying in. While our interest in the online game has dwindled, we weren't quite ready to stop our roleplay. It felt only natural to separate the two, transition to written medium and keep our continuity as its own entity.   Using World Anvil, we are hoping to not only publicize what we have already formalized as our ’canon’ for this verse, but also further develop more elements featured in our stories, and eventually bring a cohesive experience that’s not dependent on other Star Wars continuities.  

Character Driven

While we keep track of time and outline major galactic events that hold some significance, they are not the center pieces of our writing. Our focus lies on a number of individuals of varying degrees of importance that populates the galaxy, and the trials and tribulations they face on their life's journey. They may directly or indirectly influence the outcome of an important event, but the events themselves are never the focal point.


Star Wars was originally created by George Lucas through his initial trilogy of movies. This world is a fanfictional, alternate universe to his canon. It is at the same time a fanfictional, alternate universe to the Star Wars: The Old Republic massive multiplayer online game developed by BioWare. The latter is set in the same era as our verse, and is the main source of inspiration to our roleplay and writing.

Science Fiction

We're in space! In another galaxy! If you have had any exposure to science fiction prior to Star Wars there will be a lot of recognizable features that have become rather 'mainstream' over the years and defining for the genre. The Star Wars galaxy features many elements that do not exist in our real world, and also features some elements that do exist in in our real world. Such as... uh... Humans?

Space Opera

Like proper, original Star Wars, we allow ourselves and our stories to be a bit cheesy sometimes. Its a creative outlet and a tool for us to develop our individual writing styles. We do not focus on making our verse believable based on real-world hard sciences, and instead concentrate on keeping our verse coherent and plausible enough to keep the suspense of disbelief.


The Era of the Old Republic

Our setting plays out during the Old Republic Era of Star Wars, over 3600 years before Luke Skywalker was born. This means that some sciences and technologies are still yet to be developed, territories for various factions differs vastly, and that a large part of the galaxy is yet to be explored.  

A Different Chronology

In the spirit of staying consistent with our setting and era, we utilize the appropriate chronology introduced by the Jedi Master Gnost-Dural. This features The Treaty of Coruscant as the epoch mark for year 0, with events before it being dated as Before the Treaty (BTC) and events after it being dated as After the Treaty (ATC). All timelines and articles will feature this chronology whenever possible and appropriate.   We want to make this clear, since this chronology differ alot from the more widely used and recognized BBY and ABY dating abbreviations that we see in most modern Star Wars works. Its chronology features the Battle of Yavin as its epoch mark for year 0.

About the Authors

BlueTyger, Shimantha and knifemissile are the three remaining members of a roleplaying group who used to play Star Wars: The Old Republic together. We have all long-lasting interests in Fantasy and Science-Fiction, with various degrees of experience in worldbuilding, storytelling and roleplaying.   We decided to move our roleplay over to written medium, and we currently do play-per-post roleplay together over Discord (previously Google Hangouts). To complement and enrich our fiction, and give ourselves a framework and guideline, we have also been writing a lot of lore. Some wholly original, and some with inspiration taken from various Expanded Universe sources.   We’re soon into our 6th year of roleplaying in our Star Wars setting, and do not plan to stop in the forseeable future.


Sharing is caring, and we put our written fanfic lore under the CC BY-NC-SA license. Feel free to use it as you like, and we'd be happy to see that you at minimum place a link back to this world as a source reference.   Written story fiction (character articles, prose, novelettes, stories) are not included within the above license.  
Images and artwork displayed on this world come from one of these sources:   Either they are personal works made by us, stock images taken from sites such as Pixabay or Unsplash, screenshots (raw or edited) from the game Star Wars: The Old Republic, or they are images normally displayed on public wikias such as Wookiepedia.

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