Illyana Anikova

Sergeant Illyana Anikova

Mental characteristics

Personal history

After serving in the Imperial Army for a couple of decades and stubbornly keeping herself from being promoted above her NCO posting, she was recruited by House Hecatom, where she served as a member of the House' Commando units.   She survived the attack and takeover by Lord Ghendh KorĂȘnt'h and the subsequent purge, and kept her position in the new hierarchy fairly intact. Once Lord Samronarth was inducted as the new External Security Lead, she served under him in the same post as before, if the House's forces mostly became a treasure raiding team save for the rare occasions in which it had to contribute to the war effort by lending its personnel to the Imperial Military, until Lord Katos Theral killed Lord Ghendh and took over the House. Since then, the House's External Security forces have assumed a more conventional role.


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