Written by Sylvaedragon

Faeron "The Seer" (a.k.a. Kryos)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

What is known about him so far:   His parents are unknown, it’s speculated that his father is a known Jedi Master (Master Sylvaedragon).   While he was still only a toddler, the family came to visit Voss and had an accident during which a mother died and son (Faeron) was lost to his father.   The baby was found by one of the Voss mystics, given the name Faeron, and tutored by him.   Quite soon an affinity to a Force (visions) was discovered within him so he was taught to understand and use it, also, he was given a nickname “The Seer” due to his visions – Faeron’s understanding and using of Force was quite “wild” though, he was more a “servant” to it than its “master”.   When Republic forces came to Voss (Faeron at age about 10), one of the Jedi masters found Faeron seriously injured and his Voss tutor dead, he took unconscious Faeron with him, later discovering Faeron’s inclination to Force, so he took boy to Tython even though boy didn’t like him and didn’t want to go there.   Quite soon Faeron left (escaped? – probably with some smuggler character) Tython and returned to Voss, was accepted back into Voss mystics enclave (or what are they called) and taught in using his Force affinity in healing and understanding visions. He is about 20 years old now, still having some difficulties to use Force and handle his visions.

Year of Birth
6 BTC 21 years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex


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