Ebra-Evith Jahad'ra

Written by BlueTyger

Lady Ebra-Evith Jahad-ra


Ebra-Evith has amber eyes and dark red skin, her features often graced with a polite smile. She prefers to keep her dark red hair tied up. She keeps a certain elegance about her, often choosing her words carefully and always acting with intent.   She was born the only daughter of Moff Iach Jahad-ra, her birth ensuring the man a great increase of prestige. Being blessed with both a Force-sensitive and pureblood child was rare in predominantely human bloodlines such as his. For this reason, she was pampered early and he sank a good deal of his fortune into giving her a headstart in Sith life: she had the best teachers his money could buy. And it paid off: her time at the Academy on Korriban became a short and pleasant one, and her trials were passed without a hitch. Soon enough she found herself a Sith Lord to apprentice under in the form of Lord Arith Massai of House Raptor. Lord Massai also became the first in a long line of lovers she pursued and manipulated to get herself ahead. His death wasn’t an unexpected one, but it came earlier than most had anticipated.   Since inheriting his title and serving as a sorcerer and researcher within House Raptor, she has sired three children with various temporary pursuits. Enjoying her own freedom and independency, marriage has never been something she’s considered. She wasn’t particularly engaged in her own children either and mostly let them be raised by nannies and various teachers and caretakers.   Ebra-Evith was taken into early retirement at House Raptor after being defeated by her own daughter, and her place in the power structure taken over. As the alliance was struck between House Theral and House Raptor, she decided to take the offer made at accompanying the former’s representative back to Dromund Kaas and take employment at theirs instead.   Back at House Theral she was granted a place as one of their Monitors, as her abilities and powers were very similar to those of the one she was set to take the duties off – Vizzal T’enara.

Occupation Research Division Monitor
Sith Pureblood
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Sith Lord
Year of Birth
22 BTC 37 years old
Current Residence
Dromund Kaas
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
House Theral
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Galactic Basic (Native)


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