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Tluyosc’sle’rordniszi "Cslero"

Physical Description

Body Features

It’s easy to see that Cslero is still more or less a teenager, at least physically. He has a youthful, lithe physique that’s begun to show signs of gaining a more long and sinewy type of musculature in time. He’s 172cm tall but likely stand to gain at least another decimeter. Currently he’s skinny and underweight at 65kg.   When at good health his skin is sky blue in hue, with a soft luminescence to it. It turns darker blue and freckles when sunburned and go toward an almost steely color when he’s ill or afraid. The thick, straggly hair is a cream white-blue and looks like it hasn't been kept well for some time.   Cslero only has a stump for a left arm. To continue working fairly unhindered he built himself a crude mechanical prosthesis out of poor scrap metal and leftover wiring. It is worn and rusted in places. The same side of his neck and lower face has marks of old burns.

Special abilities

Cslero is moderately Force-sensitive, but hasn't received any real education in how to use his powers. A Croke named Kuual Mal used her own powers to "kick-start" a part of his capabilities, which led his Force-sight to develop much faster than he was ready to deal with.   During especially tedious and precision-required tasks he relies much on hunches, asking himself internally what what is or how to go about something and then coming to a conclusion based on what ‘feels’ correct.  

Sight & Force Sight

Cslero was born with a sight deficiency that had his seeing decay over the course of his first five years of life, until he only had about 2% sight left. Today, he can only distinguish light sources which he sees as a simple shift between black and gradually lighter grey tones. Bright light usually ends up being a bit painful, especially natural sunlight, as it doesn’t really show as white but rather as a prismatic wall of shifting shapes and colors. It’s initially just distracting to him, but for prolonged periods it becomes highly unpleasant and brings headaches. Sudden, unexpected flashes is an agonizing experience.   His Force-sensitivity tried to compensate for his blindness by providing a flat picture of his surroundings, where his light sensitivity is what makes him able to perceive depth to some extent. The exact shading of objects wholly dependent on the lighting and how reflective they are, rendering mirrors and other highly reflective surfaces more difficult to look at. This proto-Force sight and a capability to feel nearby objects with his face (facial vision) make him unlikely to bump into walls or doorjambs, but he might trip over things on the floor if he’s not careful. His alternate ‘vision’ is 360°, but he can only use the facial vision in front of him. From the ears and back the sensation vanishes.  

Cslero's Vision

  Thanks to the sudden intervention of Kuaal Mal, Cslero can also distinguish people and other living things in his odd world, who show up as silhouettes of shifting colors; each person’s disposition and mood affecting the amounts of colors present and their vibrancy. The silhouette is larger than the physical person but grows opaque further out the edges until fading into nothing. Particularly emotional people have very strong and intensive colors which he consider very unpleasant to look at for long for the same reason as bright light is. It’s easier to handle if they stand farther away.  


While not sharper of hearing, Cslero is more attentive to sound and takes more care into listening than most might. By training he can attempt to filter out other sounds to perceive a specific one he’s looking for.

Specialized Equipment

Visual Impairment Aid

Sometimes in new places he utilizes a small plastic item that when pressed produces a light clicking noise, and then listens to the sound bouncing off the surfaces. The travel time of the sound is then calculated as a distance so that he can draw a plain map in his head of the space he’s in. He has little trouble remembering these mind-maps and associates them with the flatter picture his proto-Force sight provides. Repeated, measured clicks will provide him with more information to make him able to get more details, such as determining more complex shapes, perceiving textures and even material.  
As most bright surfaces and terminal screens are just white blotches, he cannot read without aid. He utilizes a screen reading device to interpret what’s being said and relative location of various usable details (such as buttons).  

System Breaker

A specialized, portable computer in the shape of a large and thick datapad. The device is multi-purpose but primarily serves as a programming tool and as a slicing device. It has only a small screen, but is equipped with speakers and all prompts and command are by default read aloud in cheunh by a digitalized voice. Cslero knows its interface by heart and can operate it with little difficulty despite his visual impairment.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Cslero is a young force-sensitive chiss who was exiled from the Ascendancy on the false allegations of having attacked a similar-aged girl of higher station. His personal belief is the quick, unjust sentence was only a convenient excuse for the Aristocra to deport another out-of-the-mold, possibly troublesome individual.


While originally getting early education in agriculture, Cslero found himself much more interested in technology. In the Ascendancy he spent his spare time studying on his own, while in the exile community he was the apprentice of a mechanic for a while before going over to just teaching himself as he went along. He’s a bit of a jack-of-all trades technician/mechanic, although excels more in programming than other fields. On the demand of the exile leadership he began practicing slicing.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

  • He tries his best to remain grounded and take hardships with a stride.
  • He is a curious soul, sometimes to his detriment, but also a very easily motivated learner once interested in a subject.

Vices & Personality flaws

  • Harbors a good deal of suppressed anger, but is reluctant to show his feelings due to the stigma associated with it through his upbringing.
  • He struggles with a sense of inadequacy and is eager to prove his worth to his peers.


With water supply being a limited resource at his colony, washing regularly has become a secondary concern and usually only happen when he either smells too terribly, or has gotten oil or some similar substance on him. The same goes for his clothes.


Contacts & Relations

The only one he really socializes with at the colony on a regular basis is the much older Athra. Eager for the sense of belonging and friendship, he ends up being more forgiving than he perhaps should be of the man's at times demeaning and belittling way of treating him.   On a professional level he also regularly interact with Izoaw and the rest of the former major's expedition group, but both Izoaw himself and the others in the group has expressed they wouldn't have taken him with them if not ordered to by the colony's leader.   While he spent a lot of time with Niva back on Plesdi, their mutual contact has been lost as Niva seem entirely uninterested to pick up their friendship again.   Sorcsha Emeran is the only alien he's so far felt comfortable being around, mostly due to the fact his mind was manipulated by her so that he'd show a favorable disposition toward her. Other aliens he has had contact with are the scavengers Dezebel and Slythis, though he never actually spoke to them much.

Family Ties

All of Cslero's family and close relatives are still on Plesdi where he can't reach them anymore.

Religious Views

He is an atheist, finding no reason to believe in otherworldly personalities or creatures.

Social Aptitude

With his natural timidity, self-doubt and cowardice dialed down through having his mind manipulated by Sorcsha Emeran, Cslero has become significantly less passive, shy and afraid. He is still cautious, and rather modest.


He has a tendency to look (sometimes even turn) away from people, even if speaking with them, which is mainly a side-effect of the issues he's having with his Force-sight capabilities.


When expected to speak while he's nervous or afraid, he finds it difficult to get words out even if knowing fairly well what he wants to be said. If trying anyways, especially if pressured, he tends to end up stuttering or getting only half-finished sentences out.

Occupation Technician
Year of Birth
1 ATC 14 years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Known Languages
Galactic Basic


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