Argus Tryapli

One With The Force

Written by BlueTyger


Argus is an elder, disillusioned man with a grave mien and gives the impression of having the weight of ages wearing down on his shoulders. The grey-blue eyes, resting deeply in their sockets, look to be covered with a thin translucent grey film, and his rich brown hair has long since turned white.   He hails from a forested planet in the outer rim, where a few smaller colonies of humans had once settled down to escape the ongoing Mandalorian Wars. Aiming to be rid of the dependency on technology and reconnect with their roots in nature the colonies had abandoned their spacecraft and devices in favor for more archaic and primitive machines to live their lives as hunters, gatherers and farmers. Hundreds of years later the outside galaxy was all but a faint memory tucked away in old tales.   Until their system became the host of a huge clash between the resurgent Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic during the First Great Galactic War. Their planet became host for a dozen skirmishes, most of the planet’s surface suffered repeated bombing, and many of the survivors captured by Empire forces to be forced into slavery.   Argus Tryapli was the elder of his village, having enjoyed a fulfilling life as a farmer that now his children and grandchildren were continuing while he himself had become a part of the community’s council and religious heads. As Imperial soldiers marched in and ransacked the village for supplies Argus and his oldest son’s family were among those captured with the intent of being taken back for slave work. Argus put himself as the caretaker of his niece and two grandchildren after his son was brutally beaten to death for talking back to an officer. They were sent to Dromund Kaas, sent to work at one of the many camps in the jungles responsible for clearing additional land to later serve for the erection of military buildings.   With the Empire ever in need of Sith foot soldiers however, it wasn’t long before he along with a grand-son would be torn from their relatives and friends even here as it was discovered by a Lord passing by that the two had latent Force-sensitivity. They were both sent to the re-established Sith Academy on Korriban. Before being separated there, he did have time to swear to her that he’d survive and they and their family would be reunited again soon enough. And survive he did, despite his age and the clear disadvantage his simpler background and past morals impelled on him. Argus found himself with a kind of ruthlessness he never could have imagined harboring as the Dark fed on his determination to come out on top and with enough power to get his remaining family out of this mess.   When he seven years later was titled Sith Lord, he sought out his grand-daughter that during this time had been granted position as an apprentice. He murdered the Darth that had taken her under his wing in cold blood and then brought her back with him to Dromund Kaas. Once they had located her mother and brother, both still sentenced to slave work, they all seemingly vanished in thin air.

Occupation Revanite Commander
Honorary & Occupational Titles
43 BTC 15 ATC 58 years old
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Galactic Basic (Native)


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