Alessa Raptor

Written by BlueTyger

Darth Raptor, Alessa Raptor


Darth Raptor is a tall, powerful-looking woman with piercing green eyes and stark red hair. While she does not stand out particularly in terms of appearance she does have a special sort of charisma and elegance, and an authorative air, that often has her naturally become the center of a gathering. For a Sith she is often considered unusually outgoing and pleasant, with a much less grave attitude than most other Darths of her rank and caliber.   Her confidence and clear ease in holding her own against would-be competitors and challengers during the twelve years she’s been seated as House Lady has had many withdraw their initial doubts of her being meek and worthless successor to former Darth Athalkun.   After her own apprentice betrayed her and spurred House Olerat to attack them, Darth Raptor decided she wanted to distance herself from Sith politics and relocated her house to her home planet of Ord Radama. She only left a token presence of her own house and the conquered house Olerat behind on Dromund Kaas. On Ord Radama she has concerned herself mainly with diplomatic work and infrastructure development under Dark Councilor Ravage’s sphere of influence.

Occupation House Lady
Year of Birth
23 BTC 38 years old
Ord Radama
Current Residence
Ord Radama
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
House Raptor
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Galactic Basic (Native)


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