Agatha Primms

Written by Shimantha

Agatha "Aggy" Primms


Agatha is a tall and slender woman, about 180cm, with forms more like a human than a zabrak. She’s got bright red hair to her shoulders and rather thick horns that peek out from the mass of hair. She doesn’t have the clear and sharp sight of a zabrak even if the red eyes suggest the heritage. When reading, she uses glasses.   She owns a shop on Nar Shaddaa, upper promenade, where she sells expensive and lush lingerie.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Bad eyesight, uses glasses

Body Features

Thick horns that shows through her hair

Identifying Characteristics

Iridian tattoo in gray and light brown that shadows her face.

Physical quirks

Right handed

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Her mother is human and her father is zabrak. Her father was never in the picture, she heard all her life that her mother had just a brief fling and then he was gone. The only thing she knows it that he was iridian and apparently rather nice as her mother never seemed to want another man in her life after him.

After her mandatory education, she worked in a factory making clothes and by this, saved up to take a loan high enough to set up her shop and start her life as a business woman.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Very good at haggling for prices.


Contacts & Relations

As a salesman for ligerie, she pick up a shitload of gossip. These snippets are sold for the right prices, one of the "buyers" is a rattataki named Yxakkar Xanadu

Family Ties

Mother dead, the father's whereabouts are unknown

Hobbies & Pets

Has a miniature flutter-plume bird in a cage. The bird is called Prim.

Wealth & Financial state

As a shop owner, she has one fairly filled bank account and then one where her savings go.

Occupation Lingerie Shop Owner
Year of Birth
21 BTC 36 years old
Dromund Fels
Current Residence
Nar Shaddaa
Biological Sex
Red with a black rim.
Red hair, cropped to shoulder length
Aligned Organization
Hutt Cartel
Known Languages
Galactic Basic (Native)
Character Prototype
Brenna O'Brien


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