Vosk somewhat resemble humans, but are much stronger, and less charismatic than humans. They have long teeth and pointed ears. Most Vosk follow a deeply militaristic culture, which helps them focus their innate brutality and gives them a great sense of respect, order and loyalty. In Vosk society your military rank means everything.

Playing a Vosk

You Likely
  • Honor strength and deeds far more than words. Someone who is not a proven soldier, can get little respect from you.
  • Follow a militaristic chain of command and thus follow orders when given from a superior.
  • Have a hard time wrapping your mind around political or complex social situations.
  • Strife to make a name for yourself in the galaxy, so your great deeds and honor may outlive you.
Other Species probably
  • Respect you for your superior military and battle tactics.
  • Get intimidated by your combat focused approach to life.
  • See you as little better than the Korrug⁣ or Yurian⁣ and prefer not to interact with you in social situations.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Their physical frames are similar to bulkier humans. On average they are larger and stronger than humans. Their mental capacities are considered slightly inferior on average to humans, though they are still not as dull as a Korrug⁣. Distinguishing features include large lower canines that protrude from their mouths. Vosk have pointed ears.   Some Vosk, frustrated with society’s judgment of them due to their appearance, decide to accentuate their differences and take to extreme body modification. This subculture uses piercings, plastic surgery, and even cybernetic enhancements to express themselves and set themselves apart from the mainstream. Many Vosk feel the call to join the Augmented, and such “steelskins” may not even consider themselves Vosks anymore, looking down on members of their species who have kept their natural forms.

Growth Rate & Stages

Vosk  gestation period is 187 days.   They are usually 4.2% of their mother's weight. Their suckling time is over 7 months.   They grow 1/3 times faster than humans, reach maturity at the age of 12, and give birth to an average litter of about four children, though six to eight is not uncommon.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Vosk often have harsh sounding names, full of hard consonants.

Gender Ideals

Vosk to not discriminate between males and females as their women are just as strong and disciplined as their men.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Vosk culture is strictly militaristic and values virtues like discipline, honor and strength. They similarly despise cowardice, dishonorable deeds and displays of weakness.   Every Vosk has a military rank from the day he reached maturity until he draws his final breath. No matter if male or female. Most Vosk thus strife to rise in rank and gain immortality for their names.   Vosk tend to settle major disputes among themselves in honorable duels, which either end by drawing first blood or go on to the death, depending on the severity of the conflict and the terms set prior to the duel by both parties. In this duels it is forbidden to use Biotics or telepathic abilities.


The Vosk are together with humanity one of the younger species to start travelling across the universe. But their military prowess and strict discipline led to their forces conquering many worlds before their thirst for blood could be settled and they slowly started to integrate into universal society. But their somewhat recent conquests across the galaxies are still in the minds of some people, marking many of their daily interactions with other species.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Most Vosk have a neutral or even positive opinion about Humans and Grond, as they few them as equals with a similar past, while most of the "older" species don't seem trust worthy to them. When it comes to Korrug⁣ and Yurian⁣, they view them as valuable allies on one side, but also as fierce rivals on the other side, which often leads to conflicts between these species.   Vosk absolutely despise Vermir⁣, as they are the embodiment of weakness and cowardice in the eyes of the Vosk.
Galactic Population
~305 Mrd (6,1%)
Scientific Name
Homo Vorcaris
~ 70 years
Average Height
~ 1,8 - 2,0 meters
Average Weight
~ 120 - 145 kg


Species Point Cost:

Attribute Ranges



Body Type
Medium (Standard Lifestyle Cost)
Standard Vision
Basic, Voskar


Armed Prowess

Cost: 1 Point
Vosk usually start training with firearms and other weapons at a very young age, and quickly reach high skill levels when it comes to their usage. For you the accuracy limit of all weapons is raised by +1.

Desperate Ferocity

Cost: 1 Point
Vosk only grow stronger and more determined, in the face of defeat. When in Fight for your Life, you don't receive any penalties to your dice pools from it. You also remove all of your Strain damage when you get up from Fight for your Life by killing an enemy.

Squad Tactics

Cost: 1 Point
Your military training has taught you to work seamlessly as part of a team. Once per round, you can swap your initiative score with that of a willing ally. You can only do so at the start of an initiative pass.


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