Grond are a stocky race, roughly a foot shorter than humans, with broad, heavy frames. Grond trace their heritage to the missing planet of Grolarion, yet for them, this is not merely a matter of history, but identity—they were forged in the furnace of Grolarion's subterranean passages, and many Grond born long after the planet’s disappearance still feel the sting of its loss, kept alive in Grond song and legend and some Grond strive to one way rediscover their long lost homeworld.

Playing a Grond

You likely
  • Have a brash but honest personality and rather speak your mind, even if not everyone will like it.
  • Love tinkering with new and interesting gear.
  • Strive to uphold your personal honor, no matter the situation.
  • Appreciate quality craftsmanship in all forms and insist upon it for all your gear.
  • Don’t waver or back down once you’ve set your mind to something
Other Species probably
  • See you as stubborn, though whether they see this as an asset or a detriment changes from one person to the next.
  • Assume you are an expert in matters related to engineering, tinkering, technology, and explosives.
  • Recognize the deep connection you have with your family, heritage, and friends.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Grond are on average shorter than humans. Remarkable features include the Grond's small body size, short legs and full beards. Unlike humans with dwarfism, Grond have upper bodies that are proportionately larger than their lower bodies compared to humans. Their skin color varies in a similar fashion to humans, with colors ranging from white to black. Grond have an average life expectancy of well over 100 years. Grond see in a broader spectrum than humans, which allows them to have natural low-light vision. In addition, Grond clearly have a more efficient immune system than humans do, which makes them resistant to most diseases.

Growth Rate & Stages

The normal gestation time for a Grond is 284 days.   They are usually 5.6% of their mother's weight. Their suckling time is over 15 months.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Larger Grond communities often focus on tradition and fight to keep ancient crafts, laws, and enmities alive. This traditionalism sometimes causes other species to see Grond as old fashioned, or even backward. Grond are certainly cautious in adopting new technologies and slow to change their way of life, but once a new technology has proven safe and effective, it’s quickly adapted to Grond needs. Grond are often mechanics and soldiers.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Grond honor their children with names taken from ancestors or Grond heroes, and it’s quite rare to invent a new name or to borrow a name from another culture for a child. When introducing themselves, Grond tend to list their family, plus any number of other familial connections and honorifics. Grond names usually contain hard consonants and are rarely more or fewer than two syllables.   Some exaples of Grond names are: Agna, Bodill, Dolgrin, Edrukk, Grunyar, Ingra, Kazmuk, Kotri, Lupp, Morgrym, Rogar, Rusilka, Torra, Yangrit

Average Technological Level

Grond are very focused on mechanical and electronic technology, but less fond of purely digital tech. They are some of the best engineers and electricians the universe has to offer and are well respected by other species for their skill in these crafts.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Grond culture puts great emphasize on honor, loyalty and respect, but they also value deeds for more than words.   Being a great craftsman, a skilled warrior or a wise leader are things every Grond strives for in his life and those that have achieved this status are treated with the utmost respect. Grond males are much more likely to get recognition and political titles when compared to females, as they are generally seen as less able, even though this is actually not true.   The Grond are one of the few Species that are completely friendly towards humans, and many things suggest that they went through a comparable cultural past on their homeworld as humans did.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Due to their resemblance to short humans, Grond face less prejudice from humans than Naratha⁣, Korrug⁣ or Siczik⁣ do. Many are recognized for their technological prowess and work ethic.
Grolarion (formerly)
Galactic Population
~285 Mrd (5,7%)
Scientific Name
Dawi Grolathis
over 100 years
Average Height
~ 1,2 - 1,4 meters
Average Weight
~ 70 - 90 kg


Species Point Cost:

Attribute Ranges



Body Type
Small (+25% Lifestyle Cost)
Low-Light Vision
Basic, Grondi


Adamant Immune-System

Cost: 1 Point
Grond possess an advanced immunity system and are immune to most common diseases. Your can fight off diseases and drugs more easily than other characters and receives a +2 dice pool modifier to Resistance Tests against pathogens and toxins. This trait can't be combined with the Resistance to Pathogens/Toxins quality.

Iron Stoutness

Cost: 1 Point
Grond are tough. They can take more punches than your average joe and recover much more quickly too. Your Flesh Health Pool increases by +1 at character creation. You have a +1 dice pool modifier for all wound recovery tests.

Iron Willed

Cost: 1 Point
Grond are stubborn and famous for their unwavering and strong will. You have a +2 dice pool modifier for all tests to resist psychological effects like fear, or mind control.


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