Equipment Packs

One of the most daunting tasks for a new player is to face the admittedly large array of equipment options that exist in Swan Song. There are guns for every occasion, no less than four different knives, Lifestyles, Vehicles & Drones, fake SINs … it can all be overwhelming. Even seasoned players find themselves groaning over a calculator, trying to squeeze every last available NuCred.   In an effort to make this process easier, we have pre-assembled character kits (PACKs) that allow you to quickly and easily make new characters by offering a collection of gear with pre-calculated NuCred and XP costs. The collections presented here meet specific themes, as listed in the title, to help you quickly and easily build your vision for a character. The NuCred and XP costs are listed with the title; in all cases the NuCred is evenly divisible by 2,000, so each PACK can be wholly purchased with the specified amount of XP at character creation if desired. PACKs frequently note Availability for ease of reference.

Equipment Packs

Gathering up equipment is vital for every Crosser. People have their special gear needs—a street samurai needs some augmentations, a weapon expert needs a good selection of guns, and a decker needs a cyberdeck—but there are also selections of gear that can be useful to just about anyone. Below is a mix of kits—some that are specialized, some that might be useful to anyone.

Core Packs

Core PACKs include the most essential gear for every Crosser, starting with a fake SIN and commlink, then making certain that you have armor, light in the darkness, and a certified credstick to offer you some flexibility in how you pay for stuff. Other PACKs might be a little esoteric, but they’re still not specialized. Everyone can use a core PACK.
Intro Crosser Pack4R / 4.000 NC
Fake SIN (1)Flashlight
Mapsoft (campaign city)Knife
ShinWare Link Commlink (Rating 1)Backpack
Standard CredstickArmor Vest
Ares Olympus +2 Spare ClipsRespirator (1)
20 Plastic RestraintsGlasses (1) with image Link
100 Rounds of Standard Light Pistol Ammo
Basic Crosser Pack6R / 10.000 NC
Fake SIN (3)Backpack
Earbuds (1) with sound linkMicro-transceiver
Renkaru Sensei Commlink (Rating 3)Flashlight
Metal RestraintsMapsoft (campaign city)
Ares Olympus +2 Spare ClipsRespirator (1)
100 Rounds of Standard Light Pistol AmmoSilver Credstick
KnifeSurvival Kit
Ten Plastic RestraintsGlasses (1) with image Link
Armor VestMedkit (1)
Advanced Crosser Pack8R / 18.000 NC
Fake SIN (4)Tag Eraser
Metal RestraintsDiving Gear
TeleCom Elite Commlink (Rating 4)Mapsoft (campaign city)
BackpackGas Mask
Ares Government +2 Spare ClipsGold Credstick
100 Rounds of Standard Heavy Pistol AmmoRespirator (4)
KnifeContacts (3) with image link, low-light vision, flare compensation
FlashlightEarbuds (3) with sound link and select sound filter (2)
Armor Vest50 meters of rope
Flashlight (low-light)Camera (1) with vision magnification
Micro-transceiverMedkit (3)
Climbing Gear

Intro Crosser Packs

Cost: 4.000 NC / 2 XP (4R)
Suitable for rookie Crossers and people who’ve turned their backs on society at large, the Intro Crosser PACK revolves around a barely functional fake SIN, one that is fine for ordering pizza or getting into a cheap dive but will crumble under any real scrutiny. A simple “Welcome to the Shadows” package of software and respirator will get you where you need to be, if not in style. Fine for street scum and rat techies, though professionals tend to go more upscale.

Basic Crosser Pack

Cost: 10.000 NC / 5 XP (6R)
Considered the benchmark for a professional Crosser, the Basic Crosser PACK revolves around a much better fake SIN, a more impressive commlink, and enough elements to operate with both a Crossrunning team and day-to-day society. In addition to the tourist bundle, now with audio cues and a soft-speaking tour guide at every AR feed, it comes with a secure radio for team communication and an emergency first-aid kit, all the better to keep the group in one piece.

Advanced Crosser Pack

Cost: 18.000 NC / 9 XP (8R)
A step beyond the basic Crosser, the veteran picks the Advanced Crosser PACK for its sturdy fake SIN and powerful commlink, topped with advanced optical and audio gear, an eraser for those ever-pesky wifi tags, and a wide array of situational gear for unusual situations. Scaling a building, swimming up a sewer line, even withstanding a chemical attack, it’s all in a day’s work for a veteran. An oft-overlooked component of the seasoned vet is a simple handheld video camera.   Preliminary recon of a target is made easier when you can review the footage after the fact, but getting people’s words and deeds on video gives rise to any number of extortion opportunities or trade. Never underestimate the power of watching the watchmen. Or watching those who watch the watchmen. And so on.


The vids love the subtle Crosser who talks his way out of problems, the cat burglar who steals from the rich without raising a fuss, and the biotic whose finger-flicks can drop the biggest Korrug with a burst of sleepy sparkles. The unfortunate reality is that most Crossers rely on violence to get the job done, and a good set of Weapons helps quite a bit. While not every Crosser will drip firepower from every centimeter of their body, this category is what separates the weapon specialists and street samurai from the face and smuggler. And we should note that the vids have also shown themselves to be fond of clattering gunfire and loud explosions.


Cost: 2.000 NC / 1 XP (8R)
For the traditionalist in all of us comes the Classic Samurai PACK. Far and away the single most distinctive aspect of a true samurai is the daisho, the matched blades of katana and wakizashi worn on the hip. Not as well known, but still important, are the dagger worn at the base of the spine, used most often for common cutting and shaving, and the bokken, a wooden training sword. One shouldn’t kill one’s sparring partner, after all. A kimono passable for day-to-day activities and an extensive reading collection complete the kit, reminding everyone that a samurai is a warrior-poet, not a thug with a sword.
Classic Samurai Pack 8R / 4.000 NC
Katana Bokken (club)
Wakizashi Datasoft (The Art of War, The Book of Five Rings, and other assorted samurai writings and poetry)
Tanto (combat knife) Kimono (Clothing 50 NC)


Cost: 2.000 NC / 1 XP (7R)
It can be said that Ares ushered in the cybernetic era with the introduction of the Ares Predator, the first smartgun that could live up to both the hype and field conditions. Thirty years and five iterations later, Ares remains the leading arms manufacturer on Earth, and Ares pistols rule the streets. Trust in Ares quality.
Basic Pistol Pack 7R / 2.000 NC
Ares Olympus + 1 Spare Clip 100 Shots Light Pistol Ammo
Ares Government + 1 Spare Clip 100 Shots Heavy Pistol Ammo
Streetline Special 50 Shot Holdout Pistol Ammo
Quick Draw Holster Combat Knife


Cost: 4.000 NC / 2 XP (4R)
Need an army but you can’t afford proper mercenaries? Then gather up a bunch of kids, stuff them full of kamikaze, stick a gun in their hands, and send ’em at the enemy in waves. Not recommended for any Crosser who values their life, but you never know when you’ll need to arm a few gangers for a job. You’d be surprised at how many gang wars this has won.
Basic Soldier Pack 4R / 4.000 NC
Ares M23 + 3 Spare Clips + Sling 200 Shot Assault Rifle Ammo
Ares Light Fire 70 100 Shot Light Pistol Ammo
Combat Knife Medkit (3)


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