Derrans are the native inhabitants of Derranos, a world consumed by a black hole. The few surviving Derrans live in a self-sufficient base on the moon Datheren, floating just outside of the event horizon.

Playing a Derran

You likely
  • Feel the need to research and investigate everything that seems mysterious or unusual to you.
  • Don't believe in any "mystical" things like Realms or Ghosts in the Machine.
  • Enjoy when things go according to plan and can't really handle when your plans get ruined.
  • Live an extremely orderly life, even if you crossrun and live in the shadows, there just needs to be some order so you can focus.
Other Species probably
  • Don't trust you, as they feel your always observing them, which makes them uncomfortable.
  • Sometimes mistake you for a weird looking Grond, since your species is so rare in most parts of the galaxy.
  • Respect you for your clean and orderly way to do your job.
  • Believe you're all about money, which they respect and despise at the same time.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Adapted to their high-gravity homeworld, ferrans are short and squat with constantly furrowed brows and bald heads. All Derran have yellow skin and perfectly white hair. Male Derran can grow facial hair.   They enjoy augmenting their body with CyberWare, as they believe that science has developed these thigns for a reason and view it as a way to get around their natural limitations.

Genetics and Reproduction

Most Derran don't feel the need to perform sexual intercourse for enjoyment and usually only see it as a means to an end. Sex is meant to reproduce and that is how they view it. This means most Derran only have sex with their partners until they received the desired amount of children, at which point they completely lose interest in the matter.

Growth Rate & Stages

Derran get born with disproportionately large heads and quite round bodies. During the first week of their life they eat food equal to multiple times their weight, while slowly developing into a more proportionate body.   Derran reach maturity at around 30 years, at which point both males and females lose all their main hair, but male specimen can still grow facial hair.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Much of derran tradition is rooted in science, and as such they rarely believe in anything they can't prove.   Derran enjoy the wealth that NuCred has in the galaxy. It gives them a feeling of control which is incredibly important to them. Most Derran can't handle the feeling of losing control and so they rarely like parting with any of their hard earned NuCred. This has also led to many Derran working for Omnicred, which enables them to handle not only their own money but also that of others.   Derran just love controlling things in an orderly fashion. The only thing they love even more is research. Because of this many great galactic researchers and developers are Derran, while at the same time they don't really produce anything themselves. They just enjoy doing to science work and learning how things work, but don't really care much about putting this knowledge to good use.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Today, most ferrans spend their time eking out a living on Datheren and attempting to discover whether the rest of their people are still alive. Some consider this foolish and wish to find a new homeworld. Though their base is self-sufficient, just another disaster can make them extinct.

Civilization and Culture

Gender Ideals

Derran believe that there is no reasonable difference between male and female Derran and that nature has only developed two different kind of people to enable reproduction. This is also mirrored in their relationships. Derran are rarely romantic and usually only marry for "logical" reasons; either business, financial or reproductive reasons.


Centuries ago, the derrans discovered a black hole near their homeworld Derranos, which they named the Maw. As Derranos was far enough from the Maw to not be affected by its gravitation and radiation. Many derran scientists got fascinated by the Maw, and astrophysics became popular, launching a scientific revolution. After the ferrans discovered rudimentary space flight, they established a self-sustaining research station on Derranos' moon Datheren.   Decades later, the derrans discovered that the Maw was going to collide with a rogue black hole-like object, which would create a quasar and make their home uninhabitable. Against this crisis, cults sprang up, the most popular of which declared that merging with the Maw is inevitable and will bring salvation to the derrans, and succeeded to convert the derran leader of that time.   Some derrans refused to believe in any of these cults and continued to try and find a way to save their people. They came close to discovering interstellar travel, but in the end, they were too late: the fanatical derran leader successfully used a combination of force fields and warpholes to launch Derranos into the Maw. Only the researchers on Datheren, which was pushed away from the Maw by the burst of energy generated when Derranos fell into it, survived the catastrophe, thinking that their people have committed mass suicide. A few die-hard optimists continued to pick up strange signals that shouldn't have been able to pass the event horizon.
Datheren (formerly Derranos)
Galactic Population
~140 Mrd (2,8%)
Scientific Name
Dawi Derris
over 160 years
Average Height
~ 1,4 meters
Average Weight
~ 80 kg


Species Point Cost:

Attribute Ranges



Body Type
Small (+25% Lifestyle Cost)
Standard Vision
Basic, Derris



Cost: 1 Point
After moving at least his Walk-Rate, a Derran's next attack during the same Action Phase has its damage value increased by +1.

Radiation Resistant

Cost: 1 Point
Derrans get a +1 bonus to their Soak Value when resisting radiation damage.


Cost: 1 Point
Derrans receive a +2 bonus to their physical limit to resist being knocked prone, pushed or shoved.


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