Charr are a sentient alien species that looks very similar to humans. They are a cold and rational, but very intelligent species, which is often highly suspicious of outsiders and tries to actively protect its own culture and traditions even in the modern and corporate focused universe.

Playing a Charr

You likely
  • Try to analyze a problem from every possible angle before making a decision.
  • Are often calm and rational, even in heated situations.
  • Try to hide your true emotions, so others can't read you.
  • Value your species traditions and obey the ruling families, even if you disagree.
Other Species probably
  • See you as cold and arrogant, and some even fear you.
  • Believe you have no emotions and thus they don't care about hurting your feelings.
  • Respect you for your logical minds.
  • See your respect for older traditions as outdated.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

They have two legs, two arms ending in five-fingered hands, a torso and a single head. Like humans, they also have two sexes, male and female. However, all Charr have blue or grey skin and blue, yellow, orange or red eyes. They grow hair on the top of the head, and, in males, on the lower parts of the face. The color of their hair varies from white and purple to blue and black.   The heart of a Charr beats much slower than that of a human, making their matabolism highly different, and also giving them their blue/grey skin color.   The Charr posses low-light vision and have a greater resilience to low temperatures than Humans.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Charr society is highly structured and ordered with the rule of law being enforced by a group of affiliations known as the Ruling Families, also known as the Ruling Circle, that consists of a number of clans or houses.   These are not biological family groupings but instead different branches of their government. Among their ranks are included the Charpal, Nareido, Iktoiji and Casren families with some sources stating that they represent bloodlines that predate modern Charr civilization. Every Charr claims affiliation to one of the four families which is determined by both tradition as well as place of birth.   In reality, the family names are more of a cultural holdover as the bloodlines have grown so co-meddled that any Charr can claim affiliation to any of the ruling families. In spite of the outward impression of calm and order that the Charr liked to project to outsiders, there are evidently tensions within the Families. This is evident by the fact that there is a tricky balance of power among the families. In addition, political assassinations are apparently a real part of Charr political life for the Ruling Families and other allied kin-groups.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Charr are native to the planet Charrix which is located somewhere in the Wildspace. It is a planet of permanent winter and nights on this planet can last for up to 30 days during some seasons. It houses a generally unpleasant climate and poor living conditions for humans, which might be the reason for the Charr's strict nature.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Traditionally, Charr names consist of a long tripartite structure with three distinct sections.   Usually, this follows the convention of the first and last being family names and the middle being the given name. Abbreviated versions of these are known as core names with their usage being a questionable choice. This is because full names are required for formal occasions, strangers and those that are believed to be the speaker's social inferior.   The core name is typically formed by combining the short central section of the name with the last sound of the preceding section and the opening sound of the following. For example, Mart'Saw'Nareido becomes Tsawn, Cres'Ten'Iktoiji becomes Steni and Rist'Alor'Casren becomes Talorc.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

The impression held by the universe is that the Charr are arrogant, aloof and calculating beings. However, while this is true in some cases, the Charr demonstrate varying personality types similar to other species. General traits demonstrated by them, however, are being well-educated, artistic and cautious when dealing with outsiders. Outsiders have the general impression that the Charr are a very polite and highly civilized species. Their reputation means that they are both respected and, in some cases, feared.   The harsh cold conditions of Charrix led to the Charr developing a self-reliant streak which was the core of their notoriously aloof personalities. This led to outsiders characterizing their species being as cold as the ice plains of their homeworld. As a people, they are intelligent as well as highly valuing of their privacy. They are described as being pensive as well as contemplative, deliberate and calculating. This means that they often study situations from many different viewpoints. As such, they consider all alternatives to a situation and even consider scenarios of what would have happened if they had made different decisions.   In combat situations, Charr act both calmly and intelligently as well as form well planned strategies. Charr do not give themselves over to passion and instead view problems as curiosities that need to be solved through rigorous application of brainpower. As such, they do not allow hot emotions to interfere with their methodical analysis of a problem through logic. In terms of personality, they often display a cold, arrogant and disciplined behavior. Though they show a cold lack of emotion, their actions are not necessarily impartial as most are motivated by the pursuit of power which is encouraged by their ruling families.   In general, they live a harsh but disciplined life style where self control along with propriety are the most valued character traits that all Charr aspire to. While passions themselves are recognized, they are done so with disdain as such energy is believed to be better applied elsewhere. The regimented style of their society means that crime is abhorred and seen as the weakness of an individual. Blaming society is a notion completely alien to their mindset and justice is given with little thought on compassion. However, the Charr do not believe in capital punishment as they recognize it as being an irrational, emotionally driven reaction instead of being a true deterrent. Instead, the greatest punishment they give for their most heinous of crimes is exile. Due to the great importance of family loyalty existing in their culture, exile is considered a grave punishment for any Charr to face.
Galactic Population
~240 Mrd (4,8%)
Scientific Name
Homo Charrius
~ 120 years
Average Height
~ 1.6 - 1.9 Meters
Average Weight
~ 50 - 100 kg


Species Point Cost:

Attribute Ranges



Body Type
Medium (Standard Lifestyle Cost)
Low-Light Vision
Basic, Charrim


Naturally Disciplined

Cost: 1 Point
Charr are born into the most structured and disciplined society in the known galaxies. You gain two free Ranks in the Discipline skill at character creation.

Certain Precognition

Cost: 1 Point
Due to your highly efficient mind, you can quickly assess any situation and come up with a viable plan in a matter of seconds. Once per combat you can add your Logic score to your initiative score until the end of the combat round. You can decide to do so, after rolling for initiative, but before starting the round.

Logical Mastermind

Cost: 1 Point
Your mind is capable of incredible tasks, that other species can only dream of. Your Mental Limit increases by +2.


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