Brutes who choose the Bodyguard specialization are excellent choices for defending both people and places. They tend to be highly capable with various kinds of weaponry, extremely tough and savvy in combat, and exactly the right people to get behind when pistol fire starts flying.


With their array of skills, a Bodyguard can shoot, keep a good eye on his surroundings, and can handle any brawl with great aptitude. This, combined with his talent options, makes him potentially perfect as an armed chauffeur or as a private invstigations operator. He also makes a resilient soldier. A Bodyguard will have a rather easy time finding work in the Shadows, especially if he doesn’t mind looking after the backside of high-ranking criminal scum or corporate operators who are trying to do business without becoming victims. His facility with weapons and fists make him useful to any number of quasi-legal or criminal operations.   As part of a group of Player Characters, a Bodyguard is going to be considered more or less a heavy combatant—the guy who stands up front and takes the beating. However, the combination of skills and talents can be angled towards some different approaches. For example, if there’s any kind of Face or Decker in the group, a Bodyguard may well be there solely for the purpose of keeping that person alive.

Bodyguard Backgrounds


Once this character was the man of the hour, toasted in every shadowport. However, everything in this life passes in time, and whether through the machinations of a political enemy, the natural ebb and flow of popularity, or a legitimate mistake or miscalculation, the character has now fallen from grace. Where he once commanded legions, now he only commands the pistol at his hip. Where once he had limitless resources, now he scrounges for NuCred, his days of glory a distant and probably bitter memory. Regaining his former success might be his overriding goal, but it is just as possible that the character has given up on himself and simply wishes to avoid any reminders of his past.   By his very nature, a Bodyguard is someone who works to be unobtrusive. Blending into the background is a useful job skill, and generally everyone's attention is focused on the person the Bodyguard is guarding. However, a Bodyguard could benefit from the fame and fortune of his client. If protecting a holovid star or other galactic celebrity, the Bodyguard might tangentially benefit from the lifestyle of the rich and famous. When that job ended or if the client suddenly fell from fame, the Bodyguard might have a hard time adjusting to life without the comforts provided to the rich and famous.


The galaxy is full of armies, from the numerous planetary defense forces to the awesome might of the Imperial Military. Countless millions of sentients fight in the ranks of these forces, but countless more have served their time and left the military. While some manage the transition back to civilian life, many former soldiers find that their most marketable skill is their fighting ability. For them, mercenary work or even criminal enterprise is a lucrative (if dangerous) career choice.   A Bodyguard who formerly served in the military is less likely to have received formal training in protecting a client, and more likely to be adapting his combat training to his new job. A former soldier turned Bodyguard is likely to believe that the best defense is overwhelming firepower, which can lead to some awkward situations in a civilized setting. However, a Bodyguard can bring the discipline, loyalty, and dedication of his military career into his new job, all of which are traits that make him suited to protect another.


Some say a man who seeks vengeance should dig two graves: one for his target, and one for himself. However, these words never seem to reach the beings who need to hear it the most. Following the one that wronged him, this character is in pursuit of righteous vengeance, leaving everything else he knew and loved behind. He lives a life of quiet desperation, planning his revenge and stalking his prey. The character does what he has to do to survive until he delivers retribution. He is proud to wield a gun for any employer, especially if that gets him closer to his goal.   Bodyguards with this background could be seeking vengeance after a client was killed or kidnapped under their watch. Not only would this leave a Bodyguard with the shame of failure, but he might have been injured or even left for dead during the operation. Now, he must discover which of his client’s enemies could have executed the plan to track them down and deliver justice


One of the most powerful motivations in a character’s life can be his parents or other mentors. Many children follow in the footsteps of their fathers or mothers, even if they only do so because that is what is expected of them. However, living up to the reputation of an elder can be difficult even when that is what the character desires most. At some point the character’s own life, personality, and morality might come in conflict with the reputation of his forebears, and he must change himself or break with the past.   A Bodyguard’s parent or mentor might be famous for offering up the ultimate sacrifice in the course of his duty. Dying while protecting a client could make one a hero and martyr both, but it creates a legacy that’s impossible to live up to. The character might be making his way in the galaxy knowing that he wants to live up to his parent’s legacy, but also knowing that the only way he can do it is through death.

Playbook Skills
The Bodyguard’s archetype skills are Athletics, Catch, Unarmed Combat, Pistols, Knowledge (Security Systems). He receives a discount when he spends experience to purchase ranks in any of these skills.
Most Bodyguards belong to the Brute archetype.
Archetype Skills
The Brute’s archetype skills are Athletics, Clubs, Resilience, Unarmed Combat, Throwing, Intimidation, Knowledge (Street Gangs). He receives a discount when he spends experience to purchase ranks in any of these skills.


Brute - Bodyguard


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