Armor & Clothing

Armor & Clothing

In the World of Swan Song, you’d have to be crazy to consider walking outside with just a T-shirt and jeans, even in some of the nicer parts of the Sprawl. You need protection: from the acid rain, from air pollution, from ultraviolet radiation from the completely fragged ozone layer, and of course, from random street violence.   Due to this Clothing and Armor have become somewhat indistinguishable in some ares of life, while fine and delicate clothing is still highly valued in others.
All right JackPointers, welcome to Armando’s Armor Emporium. I got some quick personal write-ups and some cut-and-paste jobs from the various manufacturers’ catalogs, but I don’t want to spend a lot of time with corporate-speak. I’ll tell you what I think, and I want to hear back from you people with some real-life testimonials from those who wear this stuff on the mean streets around the world.
Armando Cortoza, armor dealer


Zoe Kaiser wearing casual clothes
Clothing in Swan Song comes with amazing features you’ll likely completely take for granted. Commlinks, music players, and other electronic devices can be woven right into the fabric, powered by interwoven batteries or special energy-gathering fabrics. On the other side of the economy, cheap soybased “flats” can be had for five NuCred per article of clothing from vending machines around the Sprawl. The more money you spend on your threads, the more impressive you look.


Advances in ballistic fabrics from spiderweave venlar threads to ceramic-titanium composite plates enable modern armor to be lightweight, flexible, and concealable.

Armor Features

Social Limit Modifiers

The value and status of simply wearing certain outfits help characters impress those around them, while on the other hand wearing camo fatigues at a social gathering isn’t the social standard. Some pieces of armor raise the Social Limit of the wearer. These modifiers do not stack; only the highest modifier of any visible clothing item counts (and “visible” means seeing enough of it that viewers get a solid impression of what the garment does on the wearer. Seeing, for example, only the edge of a cuff poking out from under the sleeve of a battered overcoat or the hem of a dress beneath a housecoat will not provide the modifier). Some increases are limited to certain social circles; those limitations will be listed along with the bonus.

Lightly Worn

The Lightly Worn option provides runners with a chance to buy some primo gear at a discount rate, with a few catches. Buying from the Lightly Worn section requires the character to have an armor dealer (like Armando Cortoza) as a contact with a Loyalty of at least 2. When gear is purchased Lightly Worn, the character gets a price discount of 25%, but they only get the Armor rating; they do not get any of the Features of the armor.   The Lightly Worn feature can be bought off by having the piece of Armor refit. This requires an Armorer + Logic [Mental] (10, 1 hour) Extended Test and costs 10 percent of the original armor cost for each Feature the character is trying to have restored.

Custom Fit

Items that are Custom Fit were measured for a specific person. They are specially designed for that person and don’t fit well on anyone else, therefore conferring none of the positive Social Limit adjustments to the character. When an item is Custom Fit, any changes to an individual’s Physical Attributes, whether through XP advancement or augmentation (but not through biotics), require the suit to be refit. The refit process requires an Armorer shop and an Armorer + Logic [Mental] (10, 1 hour) Extended Test. The owner can also use their Contacts to help them get the job done, requiring loss of the armor for one week and a payment of 25 percent of the initial armor cost.

Custom Fit (Stack)

This characteristic employs all the Custom Fit rules, but in addition these items can stack with other pieces that have been Custom Fit by the same maker, for the same person. The character has to select a specific set of Armored Clothing to have the piece Custom Fit with. The Custom Fit combination then allows the character to use either the base armor or add on the stack bonus for that set of gear.


This feature means things are either more easily hidden beneath the girth or length of the piece, or the design of the piece means it is less likely to be detected. Keep a little bit of realism in mind—no matter what the dice pool says, you cannot hide an assault cannon inside assless chaps.


This piece has a holster built into the armor so smoothly it is hard to see with the metahuman eye. This item provides a +1 Concealability modifier for any tests to spot a weapon in the holster through visual means.

Gear Access

This feature allows items to be retrieved from the piece of armor with more ease than usual. This means drawing or retrieving items that are set up on the armor takes one lower action. Complex becomes Simple, and Simple becomes Free. Free stays Free, but gamemasters can consider allowing an extra Free Action for the Action Phase.

Newest Model

These items are the most recent incarnations of their corporate creators. That means they lose a little more when purchased as Lightly Worn, namely a 20 percent loss of Armor Rating (round adjusted Rating up) when buying older models of the clothes.


Armor with this feature enhances lighting conditions by 1 category within 10 meters. That can be increased to 25 meters when individuals in the vicinity uses special IR lights and contacts.

Custom Protection

These items come with a built-in environmental customization (Fire Resistance, Chemical Protection, or Insulation) that cannot be removed or changed. The option is chosen at purchase and is included in the price. This customization does not go away for Lightly Worn armor; when choosing the Lightly Worn items with Custom Protection, the gamemaster can determine the features randomly. Alternately, a character can look for a certain variety, but that is harder to find, raising the Availability of the item by 1 for each Rating point of the customization.


This armor is a little unwieldy. Armors with this quality halve Movement and incur Fatigue rolls with every Running check, even the first one.

Personal Shield Generators

Sometimes its not just enough to wear thick armor. When you're in a heated firefight with bullets flying in all directions, its often better to have a shield block the most of them, than running the risk of even a single bullet getting through your armor. A Shield Generator provides you with Shield Health equal to its Rating.   Shield Generators can be activated/deactivated with the CHANGE DEVICE MODE action. Shield Health gets damaged before any of your other Health Pools gets hit (meaning before Armored and Flesh Health, but not before Strain).   Shield generators have the following special attributes:
Some shields have special effects, that are generally active as long as the shield is activated and has at least 1 point of Shield Health. Some special effects trigger when a shield is fully charged or depleted, as mentioned in the effect.
The amount of time a single point of shield health needs to recharge after being depleted. Shields can only start to recharge when deactivated.
The Shield Rating of a Shield determines exactly how many points of Shield Health a shield can provide. This is the maximum amount of Shield Health, when fully charged. Shield Generators only produce their Shield Health protective barrier while activated.
NameShieldRechargeDevice RatingEffectWeightAvailCost
Ares Protector8154-28R4500
Cavalier Turtle6203-15R2500
Chernov Absorb720210% Change to absorb 1 damage, without losing shield.
Can only occur once per instance of damage.
Culiwan Nova520425% Resistance to 1 type of Elemental Damage17R2750
Hyperion Amplify6155While fully charged, grants +1 dice pool modifier to defense tests.19R3550
Karbon Roc10157When depleted, releases an Adrenaline injection that enables an
immediate Action Phase with 1 AP.
Must fully recharge between injections.
Lancer Adaptive3-6153-14RShield x 280
Maehl Booster5102-16R2550
Mitsukaya Barrier9206-28R4700
Mobius Aegis8204Wireless: Recharges twice as fast.210R5225
Renkaru Shell3152-14R1100
Scarlet Guard4153+1 Melee Defense Dice Pool16R1825
Shinware Defender2301-0,53225
S-K Schild7205Can't be detected by MAD Scanners110F5200
Taurus Spike12302When depleted, emits a 2m shockwave that knocks enemies back 1m.
Must fully recharge between shockwaves.
Tedius Shield1101-13300

Armor & Clothing List

Regular Armor & Clothes

Regular Clothes
Poor Clothes--1-5-25
Simple Clothes--1-50-200
Average Clothes--11/4200-500
Fine Clothes--11500-1.500Social Limit +1
High-Class Clothes--132.000-5.000Social Limit +2
Electrochromic Modification---+2+500
Feedback Clothing---8+500
(Synth) Leather42+1-+250-500
(Real) Leather62+1-+500-1.000
Regular Armor
Actioneer Business Clothes88281500
Armor Clothing6622450
Armor Jacket1212421.000
Armor Vest9934500
Chameleon Suit99210R1.700
Full Body Armor1515614R2.000
Full Armor Helmet+3-1-+500
Full Armor Chemical Seal---+6+6.000
Full Armor Environment Adaption---+3+1.000
Lined Coat9944900
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit9928650
Urban Explorer Helmet+2-1-+100

Armor & Clothing Details

Clothing in this modern world comes with amazing features you’ll likely completely take for granted. Commlinks, music players, and other electronic devices can be woven right into the fabric, powered by interwoven batteries or special energy-gathering fabrics. On the other side of the economy, cheap soybased “flats” can be had for five nuyen per article of clothing from vending machines around the Sprawl. The more money you spend on your threads, the more impressive you look. Easy!
Electrochromic clothing
Electrochromic threads can change color with voltage, letting you alter the color of your clothing or display text, images, or patterns. This is good for fashion, but great for vanishing into a crowd if you need a quick costume change. You can even get armored clothing in electrochromic styles. It takes a Simple Action to change the settings on your electrochromic clothes, but a couple of Combat Rounds to complete the change.   Wireless: Changing your clothes’ settings is a Free Action, and while it’s not good enough to be camouflage, it can display images, text files, or flat video from your commlink.
Feedback clothing
This haptic clothing allows for a tactile component to an augmented reality experience.
Leather jacket/duster
Usually made of synthleather unless you’ve got mad NuCred, this type of jacket (waist-length to duster) never goes out of style and even offers a modicum of protection. Just don’t expect it to stop bullets.
Actioneer Business Clothes
A discreetly armored “power suit” is a popular choice among Mr. Johnsons, faces, and @fixers looking for a little high-class protection coupled with style. It features a concealable holster in the jacket.
Armor clothing
Lightweight ballistic fiber weave makes these garments almost impossible to detect as armor. It doesn’t provide as much protection as real armor, but it’s available in a wide variety of styles.
Armor jacket
The most popular armor solution on the streets comes in all styles imaginable. It offers good protection without catching too much attention. But don’t think of wearing one to a dinner party.
Armor vest
This modern flexible-wrap vest is designed to be worn under regular clothing without displaying any bulk. A popular and cost-effective option.
Chameleon suit
This full-body suit has a smart ruthenium polymer coating supported by a sensor suite; the technology allows it to scan its surroundings and replicate the images at the proper perspectives. Add 2 to your limit when you make Sneaking tests to hide. A chameleon suit is also armored for the wearer’s protection.   Wireless: The suit uses the extra information about your surroundings and also gives you a +2 dice pool bonus to Sneaking Tests for hiding.
Full body armor
Impossible to conceal, this armor is worn by military and security personnel around the world for heavy ops duty. It is styled for intimidation as well as ease of movement, with a full array of tactical holsters, pouches, and webbing, and is certain to draw attention. The suit can be modified for environmental adaptation (hot or cold environments) or chemically sealed to completely protect the wearer from toxic environments and attacks. The suit’s helmet has a Capacity of 6 for the purpose of being equipped with vision or audio enhancements.
Lined coat
This Wild West style duster has been consistently popular on the mean streets of the world’s sprawls for the past thirty years. Besides its protective traits, the armored trenchcoat provides an additional +2 Concealability modifier to items hidden underneath.
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit
Designed for couriers, athletes, and freerunners, these colorful jumpsuits are well ventilated and breathable but surprisingly protective with lightweight densiplast and liquid reactive armor. Urban explorer jumpsuits feature a built-in music player and biomonitor.

High Fashion

I don’t carry most of this stuff in my shop, but I advertise them here because these companies give me good NuCred to do so. I’ll still be honest on my opinions of their lines and expect you all to do the same. Is it an outfit that stops people in their tracks to get a good look at you but has the stopping power of tissue paper? Then say so!
Armando Cortoza, armor dealer

Armanis Fashion

Juliette Wearing an Armanis Outfit
Armanis Fashion has always been a leader in the armored fashion field in terms of quality product, but while they manage to be aces in that category, their lines have absolutely zero interchangeability. You obviously cannot mix fashions from different years, as they change radically. The cuts and styles of their pieces look terrible if mixed.
Armanis Suit842102500Social Limit +2Social Tests +1
Armanis Dress842102500Social Limit +2Social Tests +1

Mortimer of Londris

Katja Kacer wearing a Mortimer Outfit
Not exactly fashion-forward, but classic enough to always stay near the height of fashion. Mortimer of Londris has stuck with the classics, anchored around the venerable Berwick line. All pieces are custom tailored and fit, and I especially love that they include custom tailoring to fit “exceptional physical aspects” of their individual customers. Original pieces have to be sat for with a Mortimer certified tailor.   I have a pretty solid stock of “lightly worn” Mortimer from some of his past lines. They lack the custom-cut features, but they can still have the important effect of making you look classier than you really are. The Crimson Sky and Summit lines from back in the day have aged quite well. And though they lack some of the wireless perks of many modern armors, they still stop bullets.
Berwick Suit95392.600Custom Fit, Social Limit +1, Conceal +2Social Tests +1
Berwick Dress84282.300Custom Fit, Social Limit +1, Conceal +2Social Tests +1
Crimson Sky Suit85262.400Custom Fit, Social Limit +1, Conceal +2Social Tests +1
Summit Suit86272.500Custom Fit, Social Limit +1, Conceal +2Social Tests +1
Summit Dress75272.200Custom Fit, Social Limit +1, Conceal +2Social Tests +1
Greatcoat Coat10 / +310483.000Custom Fit (Stack), Social Limit +1, Conceal +3Social Tests +1
Ulysses Coat10 / +312483.100Custom Fit (Stack), Social Limit +1, Conceal +3Social Tests +1
Argentum Coat12 / +4145103.600Custom Fit (Stack), Social Limit +1, Conceal +3Social Tests +1

Vashor Island

(A fully licensed subsidiary of ShinWare) Can’t resist throwing on the little tag line just so we remember who’s in charge of this line.
Armando Cortoza, armor dealer
A few years back Vashor Island lines were hot, but they’ve been adding feature after feature since then so that the things are getting pretty unwieldy.
Ace of Cups98361.600Social Limit +1Social Tests +1
Ace of Swords78261.300Holster (Scabbard)Social Tests +1
Ace of Wands68261.200Gear AccessSocial Tests +1
Ace of Coins710242.100Social Limit +3Social Tests +1
Ace of Spades76261.000HolsterSocial Tests +1
Ace of Clubs76261.000HolsterSocial Tests +1
Aces of Hearts76261.000HolsterSocial Tests +1
Ace of Diamonds86281.400Conceal +2Social Tests +1
Steampunk1014472.250Custom FitSocial Limit +1
Synergist Business Line95381.500Custom Fit, Holster (concealed)Social Limit +1
Synergist Business Longcoat10 / +36482.300Custom Fit (Stack), HolsterSocial Limit +1
Sleeping Tiger131051013.500Custom Fit, Holster, Newest Model,
Ruthenium Polymer Coating (3)
Social Limit +1, as Polymer Coating
Tarot Line
The rather unoriginal Aces High line added the Ace of Cups (high-collar floor-length coat with back shoulder flaring and flowing-but-layered lower half), Ace of Swords (Tengoku pilot style, complete with wakizashi scabbard built into the back), Ace of Wands (new-age scientist styling with lots of little pockets for ingredients), and Ace of Coins (black juggernaut hide with platinum thread stitching and solid gold accents) this year and have been having quite a resurgence of both the new and old lines. And before you say anything, yes, I know there are no aces in tarot decks. Vashor Island doesn’t care.   And to remind those who aren’t old … err … don’t remember, here’s the descriptions from the original line: Ace of Spades featured an Olympean fighter pilot style, Ace of Clubs went for the Derabog bomber pilot style, Ace of Hearts updated the concept to a modern space pilot style, and Ace of Diamonds went into the future with designs based on the Spitfire Resurrection video series
Other Lines
Vashor is still pushing the Steampunk line, as well as the old stand-by Synergist Business tag, along with the dime- (well, maybe a little more) a-dozen Actioneer line of suits. With the ShinWare connection, they have brought back the Sleeping Tiger with a vengeance. Each line has its own set of highlights that can draw a different audience.


The Zoé vs Armanis fashion shadow war was a major victory for Armanis Fashion in terms of getting their core line back in house, but Zoé made quite a stir with some of the things their R&D division popped out in an effort to protect key execs. They released a whole bunch of brand new SotA lines:
Executive Suite1243122.000Custom Fit, Newest Model, Social Limit +1Social Limit +2
Heritage4/6/8/10/12Armor / 23 / 4162.000 + (AV x 500)Custom Fit, Newest Model, Social Limit +2Social Limit +2
Nightshade722108.500Custom Fit, Social Limit +1Illuminating (+1.500 for IR & contacts)
Second Skin6 / +2221412.000Custom Fit (Stack), Newest Model,
Ruthenium Polymer Coating (4)
As Polymer Coating
Executive Suite
The line’s name pretty much says it all. These suits are usually found on the ultra-secure upper floors of megacorporate headquarters. They’re slick and smooth, and outside of the improvements they’ve had added from Zoé’s armor tech advancements, they haven’t changed much in the past decade.
That means the newer suits have better protection, but the older outfits, which you may be able to find in my "Lightly Worn" section, will still blend in visually.
Armando Cortoza, armor dealer
Some days I just can’t believe this line exists; the fact that it gets bigger every year is even more mind-boggling. Back at the turn of the decade they had less than twenty designs for public consumption. Since, that number has more than doubled, with the fiftieth Heritage release being made public earlier this year, after a year of exploitation advertising around the world. Sadly, I don’t have a lot of these in my Lightly Worn stock. The people who buy these tend to keep them.   Truth is, no Crosser needs to buy this line, unless you need to slip into a secure meeting where everyone in the corp is wearing Heritage. This line has become a security feature at a lot of corporate functions in order to limit extractions as anyone present has to be wearing a very expensive outfit.
The NightShade line picked up where the Moonsilver line left off, then moved forward with the advertising slogan, “For a killer night, wear NightShade!” Where Moonsilver only offered glowing dresses for the ladies, NightShade has designs for both men and women. They were quite popular with the black tie crowd last season and don’t appear to be fading with this year’s events. Every piece comes with the additional shawl, which happens to be made out of spidersilk ballistic cloth.   This line mainly exists to give you a way to stay armored while blending at high-society functions. The fact that these dresses, as well as the shirts, coat cuffs, and coat lapels, glow makes them extremely contradictory to the idea of work in the shadows.
Second Skin
This is a sexy, sick, twisted version of body armor. Each piece of the Second Skin line is custom tailored for the user, which means that a shift in weight of as little as one or two kilos will make the armor lose its most amazing benefit. That benefit is the fact that it is, for all intents and purposes, invisible. The full body unitard is almost undetectable and includes a completely integrated ruthenium polymer system, which allows the wearer to change any or all aspects of the suit’s appearance.  

Ares Victory

Ares makes these lines to keep people safe without making them all look like a bunch of sec officers. Along with the protective aspect, each piece offers secondary benefits marketed to a variety of different trades and professions.
Pathfinder Jacket12104101.300Custom Protection (4), HolsterSurvival Tests +1 in appropriate Terrain
Pathfinder Vest91037900Custom Protection (3)Survival Tests +1 in appropriate Terrain
Pathfinder Clothing71026600Custom Protection (2), Gear AccessSurvival Tests +1 in appropriate Terrain
Wild Hunt12104123.000Custom Protection (6), Holster, Gear AccessSurvival Tests +1 in appropriate Terrain
Industrious96361.100Social Limit +1, Gear AccessSocial Tests +1
Big Game Hunter14125125.000Custom Fit, Custom Protection (6), Holster, Gear AccessSurvival Tests +1 in appropriate Terrain
Rapid Transit96310400
Rapid Transit Elite963101.000Social Limit +1
Rapid Transit Platinum963101.500Social Limit +2
Rapid Transit Diamond963102.800Social Limit +3
Pathfinder / Wild Hunt
Marketed to outdoorsy types, the various incarnations of this armor line come in a variety of camouflage patterns and environmentally adapted package suites. From the heat of the desert to the frigid plains, this line provides protection from not only bullets and blades but also trials of temperature and humidity.
Beware the camo/environmental match-ups on the Lightly Worn versions of these. Not everyone buys them and uses them for the same things. Usually they match up, but sometimes you have winter camo with fireproofing instead of cold insulation. When you buy it new, you get to be the one who makes those calls.
Armando Cortoza, armor dealer
I always thought of this as infiltration camouflage. This clothing can help you look like you belong in a facility while also allowing you to wear a degree of protection. My Lightly Worn selection of this line is full of strippeddown versions from various corps and governments that just need some patches and the right equipment to fit the pockets.   Or things that look like the right equipment. These outfits are great for getting past guards without firing a shot and then putting your gun together on the back end to get out when the trouble starts.
Big Game Hunter
A new line last year, this stuff is like the heavy-armor version of the Pathfinder line. It’s not a subtle line, that’s for sure, but if you need to stay protected from everything in a spot where everything wants to kill you, this is the line for you.   This is not the line to wear in the hub of any urban sprawl, but out in the barrens, or in some of our less civilized sprawls around the world, these clothes can fit in just fine.
Rapid Transit
Built for those on the move, this stuff is great for comfort and protection while going about all your regular day-to-day activities.
This is by far one of my best-selling lines. While I focus primary sales in the basic line, I offer RT Elite, RT Platinum, and RT Diamond on occasion in the Lightly Worn section.   The three upper lines look almost the same as the basic line, with the main differences being on the inside tags, monograms, and price tags. If you want to blend in working out at the Ares Executive gym, you’ll need those upper-line touches. If you don’t think management types notice that sort of thing, you haven’t met enough management types.
Armando Cortoza, armor dealer

Specialty Armor

Form Fitting Body Armor
Full-Suit Body Armor83281.300Custom Fit, Conceal 6
Hardened Mil-Spec Battle Armor
Light Battle Armor1515516F15.000Custom Fit, Holster, Gear Access,
Intimidation Tests +2, Restrictive
Medium Battle Armor1818618F20.000Custom Fit, Holster, Gear Access,
Intimidation Tests +2, Restrictive
Heavy Battle Armor2020722F25.000Custom Fit, Holster, Gear Access,
Intimidation Tests +2, Restrictive
Battle Armor Helmet+3818F10.000
Security Armor
Light Security Armor1212414R8.000Custom Fit, Holster, Gear Access,
Intimidation Tests +1, Restrictive
Medium Security Armor1414516R14.000Custom Fit, Holster, Gear Access,
Intimidation Tests +1, Restrictive
Heavy Security Armor1616618R20.000Custom Fit, Holster, Gear Access,
Intimidation Tests +1, Restrictive
Security Armor Helmet+3518R5.000
Bike Racing Armor
Biker Armor8826500
Biker Helmet+2616200
Bunker Gear
Bunker Gear66263.000Fire Resistance 8, Restrictive
Bunker Helmet+2316750Fire Resistance 8, Restrictive
Riot Control Armor
Riot Armor148510R5.000Padded, Intimidation Tests +1, RestrictiveIntimidation Limit +2
Riot Helmet+2616R1.000
Swat Armor
Swat Armor1515516R8.000Gear Access, Intimidation Tets +2, other Social Tests -1Intimidation Limit +3
Swat Helmet+38110R1.500
Form Fitting Body Armor
While armored clothing is effective enough, and armored vests are fairly well hidden, it takes truly advanced craftsmanship to produce form-fitting body armor. Each suit is tailor-made to its wearer, leaving neither gaps nor folds while still allowing the body to breathe. The basic piece of armor is a shirt, covering the body from collarbone to groin, protecting the vital organs, while the full suit adds protection for the limbs. In either case, the hands, feet, and head are left exposed, as covering them gives away the fact that armor is being worn. Form-fitting body armor can be worn under armor, but doing so won’t change your protection much. The primary benefit of FFBA is its highly concealable.
Hardened Mil-Spec Battle Armor
Cutting-edge military hardware, military-grade armor continues to advance in a life-and-death race with weapons and ammunition. Beyond even security-grade armor, military-grade armor is simply too expensive and maintenance- heavy for common use or even routine security work. Aside from the most intense of fast-response teams, it resides only in elite military units deployed when absolutely necessary. Each suit protects from head to toe, custom-fit to the wearer for maximum ergonomic freedom and comfort, an expense that keeps it from the ordinary field grunt.   Suits come in a wide variety of exterior design and color, but most modern suits opt for modern electro-chromatic covering for best camo; notable exceptions to this are the brilliant crimson-plate armors worn by Renkaru’s Red Samurai. In each case, the ancient aesthetic is mere decoration; never forget that the armor beneath it is a fully modern design.
Security Armor
Not as heavily armored, or accessory friendly, as their mil-spec big brothers, these are the toughest suits you’ll usually see at a standard corp site. That’s also the only place you’ll probably see them. The armor is designed for protection, not mobility, and walking around in this for much more than a standard patrol puts a strain on most folks.
Bike Racing Armor
I’ll just call this for what it is, go-gang chic. This stuff comes in a variety of customizable colors with and without cycle brand logos or combat biker team slogans. It’s some of the most obvious armor out there but it seems perfectly normal to anyone who may have seen or heard you arrive on your bike. So people will notice that you’re wearing it, but it won’t automatically make them suspect you’re up to something.
This is actually some of my favorite armor. Blends in a lot of places that other stuff wouldn’t and costs a ton less.
Naomi T'zola
Bunker Gear
I carry this, but honestly I can’t think of more than a handful of times where this was purchased for illicit purposes. Firefighters wear it when they run into burning buildings, which is not a place where you normally would find a Crosser.
Armando Cortoza, armor dealer
This is the armor for the creative runner looking for access to a site where emergency personnel are milling about. It’s not just about running into active fires—you can use this anywhere firefighters can go, once the alarm has been pulled. Combine it with the right credentials and you’re one false alarm away from access to almost anywhere.
— a Crosser
Riot Control Armor
Built for intimidation as much as protection, this stuff has a lot of useless fluff surrounding the ballistic plating. Good for blending into a mob or inciting a riot, but not much else in the world of crossrunning.
The stuff is so fluffy it’s hard to tell the man from the armor. It’s certainly not the best to wear in most social situations (if only because every time you turn around you’ll knock over all the drinks), but it has its place in the world.
Armando Cortoza, armor dealer
Swat Armor
Very few organizations refer to quick-response teams as SWAT anymore, but the armor has kept the name. This specialized suit is designed with job versatility in mind. Pockets, holsters, and various clasps keep everything the highly trained officer needs close at hand and easy to access. The electronics suite in these suits is also ideally suited for monitored small-team operations. This stuff is, like most of its relatives in the tactical gear category, not often seen in public places, except those experiencing a hostage situation or other event that calls the badasses in this armor out of their heavily armored truck and straight into your hoop.   Close to the protective value of security armor but not quite, this stuff really shows its value in how easy it is to organize your tac gear.

Environmental Protection

All around a planet (and off of it too) there are places where it’s not bullets and brass knuckles you have to worry about. Armando’s Armor Emporium doesn’t just handle your ballistic protection needs but also offers access to protections from the harshness Mother Nature has to offer. Though I don’t always have all of these pieces in stock, I have connections all over the galaxy, and even some beyond. Drop an order, send the payment, and I’ll get to work.
Armando Cortoza, armor dealer
Ghillie Suit4416600Restrictive, Special
Desert Suit32181.000Custom Fit, Flare Compensation, SpecialSurvival Tests +1 in Hot Terrain
Ares Armored Survivalist862101.500Custom Protection (4), Social Limit -1Survival Tests +1 in appropriate Terrain
Coldsuit-414800Custom Protection (Insulation 4), Flare Compensation,
Survival Tests +1 in Cold Terrain
Ares Polar Survival Suit66182.000Custom Protection (Insulation 6,
Thermal Damping 4), Flare Compensation
Climbing Limit +1
Ares Arctic Forces Suit152516R11.000Custom Fit, Custom Protection
(Insulation 5, Thermal Damping 3),
Flare Compensation, Gas Mask, Gear Access, Special
Climbing Limit +1
Ares Armored Coldsuit96161.200Custom Fit, Custom Protection(Insulation 4),
Flare Compensation, Restrictive, Special
Fatigue penalty decreases to -1
Ares Polar Sneak Suit64116F10.000Custom Fit, Flare Compensation,
Ruthenium Polymer Coating (3), Special
as Polymer coating
Drysuit-4162.500Drysuits feature a Chemical Seal (with hood
and face mask), Custom Protection (Insulation 4)
Diving Armor74161.750Custom Protection (Chem Protect 4),
Swim Penalty -2
Swim Penalty -1
Arctic Diving Suit14183.000Custom Protection (Insulation 8, in water only)
Spacesuit12651612.000Biomonitor, Commlink, Cusom Protection (Chem Seal,
Insulation 6, Thermal Damping 4), Flare Comp, Special
Record and Trasnmit Information
Security Spacesuit151062425.000as Spacesuitas Spacesuit


These few pieces are pretty universal, though they’re often ordered in particular styles to better fit the environment in question.  
Ghillie Suit
On the shelf it just looks like a colored netting, but out in the field these suits are the height of simpletech camouflage. They come in styles for all major environments and have even released an urban blight style that helps the wearer hide out in trash filled alleys and the rubble of crumbling buildings. Great for runners and the homeless alike.   Special Rules: When hiding in a location for which the suit is customized, a ghillie suit provides a –6 dice pool modifier to Perception Tests to spot the camouflaged character as long as he remains immobile; if the character is moving, reduce the modifier to –2.
Ares Armored Survivalist
Designed to protect from rain and raining lead, this suit is designed for hunters who think they might become the hunted. Originally built off designs for Ares’ various security firms that work in hostile environments, these suits come with a wide array of options, but they leave fashion to the shops on Aphrodia.


Desert Suit
The sealed suit keeps the wearer protected from sand and helps cool the body through heat dissipation while the reflective outer surface protects from the sun’s heat. You need to wear it all—the hood, facemask, and skin-tight suit—for it to be effective. The facemask has a polarizing eye shield to neutralize glare. The suit even captures and distills some of the wearer’s body fluids, holding the water in pockets to be drunk with a straw.   It’s great for protecting from the elements, but don’t catch a bullet in it. It also makes piss-poor camo, but you can bury yourself in the sand for a short stint to duck pursuit.   Special Rules: Desert suits cannot be worn with armor or anything but loose, non-restrictive clothing, as it impedes the suit’s heat sinks from working properly. A character wearing a desert suit receives an additional +2 dice pool modifier to desert Survival Tests.

Lack of Heat

A form-fitting, layered bodysuit designed to keep the wearer toasty and dry, this suit has three layers: an inner layer that transfers moisture away from the skin, a middle insulating layer, and an outer waterproof and windproof shell. The full suit also includes heated boots, a hood, and a facemask with polarizing lenses. Flexible gloves keep the fingers toasty while still allowing for maximum manual dexterity.   Special Rules: External armor can be layered over the suit, though at the risk of overheating the wearer. Armor over these suits increases the risk of Cold Fatigue damage and incurs a dice pool penalty of –2 on the character due to the difficulty of moving with the layers.
Polar Survival Suit
This is the serious upgrade from the standard coldsuit. It’s bulky, but all that added bulk offers several extremely useful features. Inside there’s a layer that works like a drysuit and integrates the water reclamation system similar to the desert suit. The parka piece can be extended into a cold-weather sleeping bag and provides flotation as well as integrating a nice thermal dampening suite. It’s got gloves and boots with retractable climbing claws, though they are a bit bulky. The suit provides facial protection with a full-face mask, complete with a no-fog, polarized lens and a heater to make breathing easier.   Special Rules: Retractable climbing claws (+1 dice pool modifier to Climbing Test; Attack: DV (STR+1)K, ARP —). The suit can be outfitted to include any of modifications available to armor. It cannot be worn with any other armor.
Ares Arctic Forces Suit
Leave it to Ares to design a suit that keeps out the cold wind and cold steel. Built from a combination of SWAT armor and the polar survival suit, it provides the same inner drysuit but alters the parka with armor and handy access tabs. The boots and gloves both have the retractable climbing claws but are made of a thinner, more trigger-friendly material. The helmet incorporates a full facemask that comes with a full AR suite, air warmer, and gas mask integrated into the design.   Special Rules: Retractable climbing claws (+1 dice pool modifier to Climbing Test; Attack: DV (STR+1)K, ARP —). The suit can be outfitted to include any of modifications available to armor. It cannot be worn with any other armor.
Ares Armored Coldsuit
Tougher than a coldsuit but not up to the Arctic Forces level of protection, this is the standard for security at all bases in cold-weather environments. It’s got all the same standard features as the regular coldsuit, but it adds on some armor for protection for those times when lead joins in the flying snow.   Special Rules: –2 dice pool penalty on all Fatigue Tests
Ares Polar Sneak Suit
This Ares creation takes the polar survival suit and slips in some ruthenium polymer technology in the form of chameleon coating. A deadly combination that blends the wearer completely into their surroundings.   Special Rules: Modifications are limited and cannot affect the ruthenium polymer coating. What affects the coating is up to the gamemaster’s discretion.

Beneath the Blue

Beneath the waves, many species don't have many minutes to live without some additional help. Even that period of time is only if they sit their calmly, do nothing, and have years of training in how to hold their breath. For any other situation, they’ll need a little extra help.
Drysuits enclose the diver in a sheath of air, sandwiched between an outer layer keeping out the water and an inner layer snug against the skin. Because drysuits work even more effectively in heat insulation than wetsuits, divers use them for dives in Arctic waters or for dives greater than 200 meters that would last extended periods of time.
Diving Armor
Looks like a wetsuit, protects like armored underwear.
Arctic Diver Suit
This stuff takes drysuit tech to the next level. Intended to be used in the freezing waters of arctic planets, this suit adds a nanotech heater under the inner layer to keep the skin warm.   Special Rules: The suit will keep the diver warm for a 1 hour dive before any tests need to be made. It has to be recharged in between dives; charging takes two hours.


Not to brag, but I truly have connections all over the place, even off-planet. These aren’t my best-selling pieces, they usually take a little time to get, and I often need to get some measurements to assure proper fit, but Armando’s Armor Emporium is committed to offering a full range of gear!
Armando Cortoza, armor dealer
If you need one of these, you best know all the specs of the suit and then some, but they tend to design these suits with the lowest common denominator in mind. I carry basic models from all the major manufacturers, each with a basic list of features that align pretty well with each other—generally a life-support system, biomonitor, commlink, standard polarized face shield, and a liquid canteen built in for hydration during standard operations. Don’t get in a tussle in one of these—any damage will threaten the integrity of the suit and result in the death of the user shortly after they hit the vacuum of space.   Special Rules: Spacesuits require an Agility + Reaction (12, 1 minute) Extended Test to put on. Due to the potentially lethal hazard caused by a mistake in putting on a suit, they come with alarms and warning systems. Glitches cost time or have some other non-lethal effect, while critical glitches can be life-threatening but should not result in the instant death of the vacuum of space. The spacesuit’s builtin oxygen supply lasts for twelve hours. The power supply lasts for twenty-four hours before it needs recharging.   Spacesuits require one hour of maintenance for every twelve hours of use. If a spacesuit doesn’t get this maintenance, roll 1D6 each time it is used. On a roll of 1, the suit develops a potentially fatal failure: a cracked seal, an air leak, temperature or power failure, etc. Increase the likelihood of a failure by 1 for every additional 12 hours of use without maintenance (the suit fails on a 1D6 roll of 1 or 2 after 24 hours, and so on). Spacesuits come equipped with five emergency slap patches (additional patches cost 50¥ each).   No other armor can be worn with a spacesuit, but the suits can be equipped with armor add-ons and modifications.
Security Spacesuit
A standard spacesuit for use by security personnel or Crossers looking to test whether it really is such a bad idea to get into a fight in space.

Other Articles

Ballistic Shield+6-212R1.200
Riot Shield+6-210R1.500Special
Forearm Guards+130,56300
Ballistic Mask+280,56150Intimidation Limit +1
Enclosed Breathing Helmet-618900Halogen Headlamp, External Speakers,
Dataport, Low Light Vision
Magnetic Boots-41122.500Custom Fit, Special
Helmets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and protect your noggin from trauma. Helmets have Capacity 6 for being tricked out with accessories like trode nets and vision enhancements.
Ballistic shield
This large opaque shield is used by SWAT teams and in urban combat. It features a clear plastic window and a built-in ladder frame along the inside so that it can be used to climb over small obstacles.
Riot shield
As an added crowd control measure, a riot shield can be used to shock anyone who comes into contact with it, inflicting Energy damage. The taser shield holds 10 charges; when attached to a power point, it regains one charge per 10 seconds. Wireless: The riot shield recharges by induction, recharging one charge per hour.
Forearms Guards
Simple and rarely stylish, forearm guards are dermaplast (or, rarely, metallic) bracers fitted to a wearer. Their use is simple—use them to block melee attacks, especially blades, turning blows away without actually cutting into you.
Ballistic Mask
By far my best seller, especially the basic model. They come in a variety of custom moldings and paint jobs to get almost any look imaginable, but matte black classic sells the best. They have limits when they’re basic models to keep them functional, but once electronic vision systems are added, the possibilities are endless. Ballistic masks can take vision enhancements as well as any modification a helmet can take. Custom jobs are, naturally, more expensive.
Enclosed Breathing Helmet
This diving helmet is designed for commercial divers who require unrestricted verbal communication to perform their jobs or runners who want to talk to coordinate their operations, all of whom are forced to rely on twentieth-century tech (by contrast, trodes could make communication mental while not leaving the user’s head inside a fragile gas-filled bubble). Hoses on the back of the helmet connect into an air-supply tank, or a variable gas mix for deep operations. Speakers and audio pickups built onto the outside allow communication even when signals are too weak due to water and distance. Most helmets include a headlamp and low-light vision enhancements as well as internal and external connections needed for data transfers.
Magnetic Boots
In places that lack gravity, sometimes it’s nice to just be able to stick to one place or walk around without using your hands. Magnetic boots are the answer. A combination of electromagnets and tiny suction cups make adhesion to virtually any surface possible.   Special Rules: Movement in these boots is limited to 1/4 of normal movement rate, with no Sprint Tests allowed. Climbing Tests receive +3 for wearers of these boots, but climbing takes place at half the normal pace.


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