Swan Song

Year 323 of the Olympean Dominion

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The world of Swan Song is a world of chaos and insanity, but also a world of corporate schemes, control and the crimes against it. It is a world of alien vaults, daring heists and most importantly...   ...guns.
Watch your back. Shoot straight. Conserve ammo. And never, ever, cut a deal with a Titan.
— Street Proverb
  In the distant future of the year 2834 AD, after the destruction of earth, several colonization ships head to a planet on the edge of the galaxy Olympus⁣: Prometheon⁣. Over the course of the following years the planet gets turned into a planetoid-metropolis, or city-planet, controlled by the mega corporation Mobius⁣. Soon after, the whole galaxy of Olympus⁣ got colonized and turned into the new center of human life. United with the galaxies of Derabog⁣ and Tengoku⁣, humanity was now stronger than ever before.   Out of the devastation and chaos, a fragile new social order has emerged. While at first the new planetoid colonies were controlled by central governments and law, soon the new worlds' spirit started to show its true face. Megacorporations a law unto themselves, have become the new superpowers. The entire universe speaks their language; the NuCred has become the universal monetary standard.   But outside of the big cities life is a whole lot different. Bandits, psychotic cults and raiders rule the dangerous and devastated areas of many planets. Life in the corporate controlled cities may be strict, but life outside the cities is straight out deadly.   Only few individuals, known as Crossers, dare to challenge both worlds in the hopes to find fame, fortune, wealth and maybe even one of the legendary and fabled Vaults, left behind by the ancient alien race that seemingly inhabited the new galaxies long before humans every set foot on any of their planets.