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Arcane Horses

Basic Information


Tend to be smaller (13.5 hands) and faster than normal horses or significantly larger (17-18 hands), based on the breed line of the original modified horse. Many have metallic sheens to their coats due to Akhal-Teke ancestry. They tend to have the look of Thoroughbreds or Akhal-Tekes: lean, long legged, upright necks, and long eared.

Genetics and Reproduction

Just like regular horses! However, as with Arcanes, the twin gene runs strong.

Growth Rate & Stages

Arcane horses tend to mature slightly more slowly than fullhorses, reaching maturity around the age of five. Arcane horses tend to live 40-45 years if not killed in battle. Some have even been known to live to 50 years old.

Ecology and Habitats

Very few arcane horses exist in the wild, as they are extremely valuable. They are relatively rare and are owned almost exclusively by members of the Arcane Legion. Fullhumans own few and are not usually aware that the animal is Arcanus.

Additional Information


The horses were altered from domesticated species by Dr. Listae.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The species is used by Arcanes as a means of transport in travel and battle. The horses do not shy away from battle and are enhanced to be especially useful.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Originated in North America, in the same labs as the Arcane Humans. They were brought to Eurasia by the Holublair family when they moved in response to the EU's call for aid.

Average Intelligence

Arcane horses are highly intelligent compared to fullhorses. They are able to understand human commands and bond with riders. They have sensitive ears, eyes, and noses, allowing for enhanced awareness (in battle especially).

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Possess superior speed, endurance, and intelligence to fullhorses. Their intelligence allows for the understanding of commands and bonding between horse and rider. Arcane horses choose to take one Arcane as a rider for life. They will take commands from their rider only unless ordered to listen to another. Arcanes must give the horse a caretaker so that there is a rider in case the horse outlives their rider. They will be doomed to purposelessness if no one is named, but they still must accept the new rider. If the horse should refuse the successor, they may ask for an honorable suicide by kneeling before the successor.

Scientific Name
Equus ferus arcanus
45 years
Average Height
16 hands
Average Weight
1000-1100 pounds
Average Length
60 - 65 inches
Average Physique
They tend to have the look of Thoroughbreds or Akhal-Tekes: lean, long legged, upright necks, and long eared.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
They have metallic sheens to their coats, which can have a range of colors. Notable colors include: Destrier, a black stallion; Tracen, the roan stallion; and Aryan, the half-eidurnian dappled silver mare.

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