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Supes, Suits and Boots


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In a world full of Supes, what are you supposed to do when you don't want to suit up? What if you just want to watch E.R. marathons and eat cold cupcakes that'll make your acne break out, but fuck me if they aren't delicious. Those holier than thou heroes that everyone loves, they want you to come out with them and die for truth, justice and the common good of the community. The community? Them! Those people?! The ones who will shit talk you in their stupid little blogs, if you so much as sneeze in the wrong direction? The ones who will protest you if you scratch the paint on their '98 corolla while stopping a dirty bomb? Them? Ha, no thanks.

You think that's bad, wait till you get to the Suits. The suits are the biggest fucking sellouts in history. I mean at least the supes try, the suits will let you die if their sponsors don't think saving you is photogenic enough. Their image, their toy and video games sells and comic con appearances matter thee upmost. You think they don't stage fights? That corporate hero machine will definitely let you die if it'll make the battle that much more a tragic story to fake cry about on t.v.

And then theres the Boots, the heroes dumb enough to sign up with Uncle Sam. They truly believe all that oorah bullshit. Good luck when they start experimenting with how wide they can stretch your asshole dipshits! I'm gonna be right here, with my man George Clooney and this sweet, sweeeeeeet cream filling. - One of the many posts on the My Powers, My Choice facebook group.