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Code Name: Höllenhund (Hellhound)
Name: Helmut Alflinger
Born November 5, 1900 Munich Germany

Europe has for centuries been blessed and cursed with werewolves and he represents the worst of the lycanthropes. Gained control of a large pack through sheer ferocity and savagery.Served in WW1 with courage. An early joiner of the nazi party he brought the most ferocious and brutal of the lycanthropes into the infamous Jager Corp. At it's height the corp had over 300 werewolves and soon earned a reputation for brutality and cruelty.
  Known to have been responsible for the serial killing of 12 women in Hamburg in the 1920's and suspected in a score of others. Just how many people he personally killed remains unknown but the most conservative estimate is over 500. An ardent nazi and an extreme racist he epitomizes the legends of the cruel and inhuman monster. They spread pain death and terror from the steppes of Russia to the deserts of North Africa. Feared by the regular German army as he had a habit of executing cowards and 'unpure' soldiers and for his rampant slaughter of civilians.
  They repeatedly clashed with the American Freedom birgade. His true nemesis and ultimate downfall came from the American hero Werewolf. As evil as Höllenhund was Werewolf was good. The two clashed repeatedly over two years before a final showdown in Italy. After a wild and very bloody fight the American werewolf broke Höllenhund's back, killing him. Seeing the most ferocious and (supposedly) most powerful werewolf killed came as a real shock to the remaining Jager corp members. 20 are known to have defected and followed Werewolf back to American lines. Most simply faded back into the wilds and the displaced people that were all over Europe. At the end of the war only ten werewolves still served the nazis.
  One odd legend that's never been confirmed concerns Höllenhund's final fight. At a key point in the final battle with Werewolf he was hit by a stray artillery round that stunned him giving the American a key advantage. Seeing as they were 100 miles BEHIND German lines the shell had to be German. Most reports state the gunners had been aiming at the American and missed. But the legend is that the gunners had been aiming at Höllenhund and were paying Höllenhund back for fellow Germans he had murdered.

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