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The Eternal City


The first city by that name was founded circa 25.100 BCE, by Suebi and Naraned explorers that got lost at sea. Their ships eventually brought them to the shores of the Antarctic. There, they were forced to work together to survive in the harsh climate. Meanwhile, in the outside world, humans were kept as slave labour to the other species.

Tales of the city reached the rest of the world over the next century but, aside from a few lucky merchants and explorers, Atlantis was isolated and left to grow without any real outside influence. Few would dare venture so deep into the frozen lands, and fewer still returned to the outside world after that. Even the Atlanteans would only venture out when necessary.

By the time non-humans started evacuating Earth, the lords of Atlantis had been an unseen force, manipulating events from their remote stronghold. Without any enemies to slow them down, they advanced far beyond any civilisations of the era. Keeping an eye on current affairs, they started spreading false stories about their city, often giving conflicting accounts.

As one of the last few remaining strongholds of the “mythical” species, Atlantis survived the centuries as little more than a legend. Staying hidden under layers of secrecy, fables, misinformation and technological advancement, the city-state grew larger than even the biggest human metropolis. The last remaining portal to Mithbar remained at the heart of the city.

Acting as a beacon to the remaining non-human species that remained on the planet, over the years Atlantis became the only place on Earth one could encounter them. Tensions between humans and other species flared up from time to time but, for the most part, coexistence has been peaceful, and any problems were quickly dealt with by the authorities.

While self-sufficient and confident in their secure location, the city-state had funded many expeditions to the outside world over the centuries, with many agents working undercover for decades at a time. Combined with modern technologies, this made the society of Atlantis comparable to most cities of the modern world, Western or otherwise.

Alternative Name(s)
Atlantis 3.0, A3
10 million
Inhabitant Demonym

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