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Rodrigo Ramirez

Rodrigo Ramirez is a particularly well-known sab'rone, one of the gaucho cowboys who roam the Drylands, who turned to a life of thievery and brigandage. He cuts a memorable sight mounted on his axe-beak riding bird, with a wide-brimmed leather hat and long leather riding coat. He was initially famed for his practice of stealing from wealthy merchants and landowners, then sharing a portion of his spoils with the poor and needy, but his crimes have turned darker as of late.   As a young man Rodrigo worked as a cowboy for one of the most powerful ranchers of the Drylands. He was talented and competent, bringing a great deal of success to the ranch. However, the owner decided that the ranch was not making him enough profit, and started to charge the ranch-hands' families rent to live on the ranch. Soon, the families were nearly destitute.   Rodrigo knew nothing of this, being away on a six-month cattle-drive from the Drylands up to sell them in Alagaesia. He returned to discover that his younger sister was deathly ill and his parents were unable to afford the necessary┬ámedicine to treat her. Incensed, he confronted the ranch owner, who simply laughed at him - until the young Ramirez beat him senseless and took all the gold in his office.   Ramirez fled, knowing the powerful landowners would never tolerate one of their own being assaulted by a mere gaucho. He got his family to safety and bought his sister the medicine she needed, then gathered a gang of like-minded cowboys and began to raid ranches and wealthy caravans. Shares of the gold thus obtained were then distributed to the people who needed it. During this time, a number of bards began to romanticise his exploits through song and story.   However, the landowners soon discovered what he was doing, and began to brutally squeeze the working-class people who lived on their ranches and the surrounding areas to recover their gold. This infuriated Rodrigo and he has begun a campaign of terror against the most offensive landowners.


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