Rhesheel , the Pharaoh's Fist

Rhesheel is a Dune Dancer Marshal, currently in his fourth year of the role, and the most likely active marshal to take the fight to physical threats in the desolate desert.   Rhesheel’s moniker of the Pharaoh's Fist is a three-fold name, denoting his preferred skill in unarmed combat, tomb delving and his marshal's spell study focus, the style of the Hungering Grip of Amun-Re.   His most notable achievement was to travel to the elemental plane of water to appease an angered Marid djinn lord who threatened to destroy a community's oasis after they failed to provide sufficient tribute following an agreement with him to revitalise the oasis' water supply.   Rhesheel, knowing that mere trinkets would not suffice as tribute under the circumstances, suspected the Marid would crave fresh experiences. As a result, he offered cuisines foreign to the elemental plane of water. The lord was so thrilled by the new food called 'cheese', that Rhesheel was able to apply further leverage in the bargain. He freed the water genasi who had been assisting him in the Djinn's court from her warlock pact to the lord. The genasi now travels with Rhesheel on occasion; not out of debt, but a solid friendship.   He is a friend to Sergeant Amar el-Taran of the Ka-Tepi Town Watch, a former colleague from their days of service in the Durpari army, as well as being known as a marshal of the Dancers. As a result Rhesheel enjoys a degree of special influence with the Watch, although he is careful not to abuse it.


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