Radiant Prelate

The Radiant Prelate is the leader of the church of Sunpyrion, based in the Grand Cathedral in Taliara. The position is currently held by Prelate Mathaera Dolan, a dignified and self-possessed woman in her early fifties. She is utterly dedicated to her faith and the church, and works tirelessly to ensure the church is strong and ready to shine light in dark places.
  The Radiant Prelate is addressed as 'Radiance', and is also known by the titles Defender of the Faith and Light of the Great Flame, in recognition of their roles leading the church of Sunpyrion, and serving as the mortal representative of Sunpyrion himself in the world. The formal robes of office consist of yellow and red silk under-robes, with several layers of fine semi-transparent silks and gauzes over the top which are cut to swirl and billow as they move, as if they are a living flame. The day-to-day robes worn by Prelate Mathaera are far simpler, consisting of silk or wool robes depending on the weather. They are plainly cut, albeit of fine fabric, and it has not been unknown for new ambassadors to mistake her for one of her secretaries at first. They are quickly disabused of that notion when she focuses her attention on them, however.
  Prelates are always granted high-level divine magic by Sunpyrion and his servitors, and it is not unknown for one or more celestials to invisibly stand guard nearby should the church be actively engaging enemies of Sunpyrion who may attempt to strike back at the Prelate directly.
  Although the offices and staff of the Radiant Prelate are located in the Grand Cathedral, the standard sermons are delivered by the bishop of the cathedral, with the Prelate conducting services on Sunpyrion's holy days and the special holidays in Pyria. The Prelate's quarters are located in one of the great towers of the cathedral, overlooking Taliara and the harbour, attached to the offices.
  The power of the Radiant Prelate is absolute within the church and on church lands, and immense elsewhere within Pyria, which is a semi-theocracy, but limited by law. The Prelate at the time of Pyria's founding had the foresight to insist that church and state must be separated, to allow each to act as a balance upon the other; that otherwise, it would be too easy for power to corrupt the noblest of intentions. The Radiant Prelate, or their representative, serves as a permanent member of the eleven-person Ruling Council which oversees Pyria. The church has a significant voice in setting the direction of Pyria, but not the only one.
  Elsewhere in the Sundered Lands, the Radiant Prelate receives respect and has influence depending upon how the church is viewed by the relevant nations. Countries like Azoria and Brankara offer a great deal of respect, while those like the necromancers of Kadaver view the church as an enemy. Churches and missionaries are spread across the Sundered Lands to spread the faith of Sunpyrion and minister to the needy as required.
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