Ka-Tepi Town Watch

The Ka-Tepi town Watch is a professional city guard. They are well trained and equipped, and a squad of guardsmen will be at the scene of an emergency within moments of the alarm being raised. They are particularly intent on discouraging anything which would threaten the trade caravans which form the lifeblood of the town.
  Pairs of Watchmen patrol the town throughout the day and night, wearing light mail underneath white robes and distinctive spiked conical helmets with white turbans wrapped around their base. They carry both scimitars and truncheons, and are usually equipped with a buckler strapped to their arm.
  The Watch's primary duty is law enforcement in the town and surrounding areas, but they are also trained to defend the town in the event of an attack by raiders or monsters, assisting the squad of Durpari Lancers garrisoning the town. They are led by Captain Malak Kabir, a gruff but fair main who is noted for his punishment of those he believes to be unquestionably guilty.
  Other members of the watch include Sergeant Amar el-Taran, Rasheed and Kivar Jeshef.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy


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