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Alhazarde Comet

The heavens above the Sundered Lands host a strangely green-tinged comet which appears every three generations. For long ages it was only an object of intellectual curiosity for astronomers, until its path was close enough to the world that it shed small pieces of itself which fell. Sages, researchers and spellcasters who discovered these pieces gradually came to the realisation of their celestial origin, and slowly began to unlock the strange gifts granted by the fallen starmetal. After its unusual properties began to become known, the path of the Alhazarde Comet was carefully tracked by those who would make use of it, and pieces which fall are assiduously hunted down.   The strange green metal known as Star Jade, Green Starmetal, or Starfall Ore is a mineral that resembles brilliant green jade, but with a metallic sheen. It is eagerly sought by some arcane spellcasters, who have discovered the secret of using it to extend life and gain additional arcane energies. It is all extra-terrestrial in origin, falling to earth in some meteorites, although its connection to the Alhazarde Comet is only known to a handful of individuals. Properly refined, it can then be used in crafting powerful magic items or more directly by the spellcaster.   Mages who prepare and consume the mineral in a careful ritual find that their magical strength is enhanced, and their body gradually transforms into an immortal mobile living statue made of green metal. Their eyes are the first to reflect the change, as first the pupils and irises turn pure metallic green, then the whole eye changes into what looks like a green metal sculpture of an eye - although the wizard has exceptional vision. Eventually the whole body follows suit, transforming into a type of flexible living metal.   The Alhazarde comet has a long, looping and elliptical orbit, and comes close enough to the Sundered Lands to drop pieces of itself only every few centuries.


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