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Adapted from Pathfinderwiki- Crookcove
Tutbury is a small village on the southwest coast of the Horvel.


Tutbury was first constructed by Hellknights of the Order of the Door in -72 ZR, as a base of operations for the construction of Citadel Baaterac. It was founded as a mining and lumber town, and when the Hellknights left soon after founding the town it continued to sustain itself off of the revenue from these industries.
After the Saolish Civil War, House Cator  appointed Darwin Xisef as Paracount of the region, with Tutbury as his seat. He constructed Xisef Manor as his residence, as well as overseeing the creation of a church of Bonds  and various other amenities to support the town's economy, but other than that the townfolk saw little change to their day-to-day lives.
In -14 ZR, Darwin's wife and children fled the manor due to the degradation of familial relations, and he began to become increasingly deranged. The weather in the region worsened, and bizarre phenomena began to occur in town. The people were plagued with nightmares and turned violent, and gradually either died or fled the town out of fear of what was happening.
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