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Recall Knowledge - Undead (Religion): DC 13; Unspecific Lore: DC 11; Specific Lore: DC 8
A skeleton is simply the bones of any creature with a skeletal structure given unnatural life through basic necromantic magic. Many are mindless automatons, while others possess enough of their lost intelligence to wield weapons and wear armor.


A Necromancy rite is performed over the bones of a deceased subject. As with other Undead, Skeleton's have their souls inverted to draw from the negative energy plain instead of the positive. Necromancers occasionally add a little something extra to skeletons they animate, but sometimes skeletons can pick up aspects of their environment. Skeletons that spend centuries in an underground cavern with a lava lake often end up blazing. Corpses whose graves become overrun with briars and brambles sometimes rise with life-draining thorns, while skeletons in vermin-infested earth often take some of those vermin with them when animated.


Loss of Intelligence


Hosts & Carriers


Radiant Rebirth When the powerful lich named Phar'bhat  returned from imprisonment, he unleashed the Radiant Fire that laid waste to several towns and cities around his prison of Zhaxur'bhat. Most of the fallen were left where they died, slowly steeping in necromantic energy. In the early days after these attacks, Zombies  commonly roamed the area, but as the years pass, skeletons have become more and more numerous.

Cultural Reception

The most common skeletal minions are mere guardians.

Skeleton Guard

Black Medium Mindless Skeleton, Undead -1
  • Perception +2 ; Darkvision
  • Skills Acrobatics +6 , Athletics +3
  • Str +2 , Dex +4 , Con +0 , Int -5 , Wis +0 , Cha +0
  • AC 16; Fort +2 , Ref +8 , Will +2
  • HP 4 (negative healing)
  • Immunities death effects, disease, mental, paralyzed, poison, unconscious
  • Resistances cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5, piercing 5, slashing 5
  • Speed 25 feet
  Items Scimitar, Shortbow (20 Arrows )
Melee scimitar +6 +1 / -4 (Forceful, Sweep ), Damage slashing
claw +6 +2 / -2 (Agile, Finesse ), Damage slashing
Ranged shortbow +6 +1 / -4 (Deadly 1d10 , range increment 60 feet, reload 0), Damage piercing
— Bestiary pg. 298
Creating Skeletons Start with a skeleton of the appropriate size. (Gargantuan skeletons can use skeletal hulk with the elite template, Gargantuan size, and 5 feet more reach.) Add Strikes, Speeds, or other abilities it would gain from its shape. For instance, a chimera skeleton might have a horn attack with its goat head and jaw attacks with its dragon and lion heads, but not a fist attack.
Chronic, Acquired

Ancestry Feats

First Level

  • Bloody
    Bloody Bones - Ancestry Feat 1

    Requirements Skeleton Transformation
    Description The skeleton is covered in dripping blood.
    Applications The skeleton gains fast healing equal to its level.
  • Collapse
    Skeletal Collapse - Ancestry Feat 1

    Requirements There must be no flesh on your body
    Trigger The skeleton is critically hit.
    Description The skeleton collapses into a pile of bones.
    Applications the attack deals only normal damage. The skeleton can reform in a standing position as an action, but until it does, it is immobilized and flat-footed.
  • Explosive Death
    Explosive Death Throes - Ancestry Feat 1

    Requirements There must be no flesh on your body
    Trigger The creature drops to zero hit points.
    Description Its bones shatter and explode as the necromantic energy holding it together is released.
    Applications Adjacent creatures take 1d6 slashing damage per 2 levels (minimum 1d6) with a basic Reflex save.
  • Screaming Skull
    Screaming Skull - Ancestry Feat 1

    Requirements Skeleton Form
    Description The skeleton removes its skull and throws it.
    Applications The skeleton Makes a jaws attack with a range of 20 feet. It then attempts to Demoralize each foe within 10 feet of the target. The head bounces, rolls, or even flies back, returning to the skeleton at the start of its next turn. The skeleton is blind until then.

Fifth Level

  • Renowned Remains
    Renowned Remains - Ancestry Feat 5

    Requirements Skeleton Form
    Description The Soul of the skeleton reawakens.
    Applications The skeleton recovers up to eight of it's original intelligence and it's intelligence boost; regaining their skills, class, Associated features and feats.

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Skeleton - Ancestry Feat 1

Requirements Fleshless body revived through Necromancy
Description You are transformed into a Skeletal Servant
Applications You are resurrected into a Skeletal Thrall. Bodily transformations allow the subject to change previously selected Ancestry Feats to reflect their new ancestry.   your Ancestral hit points are reset to 4 hit points to reflect their loss of flesh.   Your Intelligence score drops to 0 until you ascend to another form. with less than 3 intelligence characters are unable to take advantage of class abilities, mental skills, or class feats.   Undead Gain healing from Negative energy and are harmed by Positive energy  
  • Immunities death effects, disease, mental, paralyzed, poison, unconscious
  • Resistances cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5, piercing 5, slashing 5

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