Savage Storm

Adapted from pathfinderwiki- Zagresh
Gorvag the Ravager is said to be the eldest orc demigod, who represents their primal nature before they learned the ways of technology and magic. A nihilist, Gorvag desires no glory nor power, fights only to survive and lives only to destroy. Orcs who follow him not only kill their enemies but reduce everything they have built to dust.

Divine Domains

Chaos, Destruction, Freedom, Undeath

Physical Description

Body Features

Gorvag is depicted as a savage orc with huge tusks, clad in the hide of large animals and wielding a greatclub. He rarely speaks, preferring to show his emotions through animalistic sounds. His roar echoes across the battlefield, terrifying enemies.

The Savage Storm

  • Alignment: Black Red Green Alignment
  • Edicts Rage against the taming of your savage spirit.
  • Anathema Tame a wild creature
  • Allies: tbd
  • Enemies: tbd
  • Relationships: tbd.
  • Temples: Gorvag forbids his followers from gathering in a building; his clergy instead use caves or a large tent for gatherings of worshipers
  • Worshippers: Savage Orcs.
  • Sacred Animal: Cave Bear.
  • Sacred Colors: Black and Green.
  • Divine Ability: Strength.
Devotee Benefits
  • Divine Font Harm.
  • Divine Skill Survival
  • Favored Weapon Greatclub
  • Cleric Spells (1st) Shillelagh, (2nd) Heat Metal, (4th) Weapon Storm
Divine Classification
Ascended Orc
Current Location
Presented Sex
Aligned Organization


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