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Adapted from Pathfinderwiki.- Etran's Folly
Qosx lies on a road between Augustia and Thom. As this route is only used by merchants who seek to avoid Saol, the town has never been anything more than a stopover point for them. Aside from the Millstone and the ruins on Candus' Mound, the buildings in town are of wattle-and-daub construction, with thick thatch roofs.  
  • The Millstone: Timgen is proud to talk about the Millstone, the town’s only major business. Timgen opened the Millstone more than 50 years ago, before the Goblinhorde Wars. His brother died in that conflict, along with much of Timgen’s extended family. The town itself avoided the worst of the conflict, which occurred primarily to the south. If there are any Goblins in the party, Timgen gives them a wary glance.
  • Rock of Mercies The path next leads to the Rock of Mercies, which was used to give food and aid to those suffering from the plague. Timgen can tell the PCs much about the plague that came to Qosx. He recounts how everyone suspected a local witch named Vaeri of starting the plague (she was actually an Alchemist, but Timgen has no idea what that is), and after Vaeri caught it herself, she cursed the town’s only Priest before she died. Soon after, Father Bolgrist contracted the plague and died. Timgen tells the PCs that the witch had a daughter named Allisa who stuck around her mother’s home for a few years, then probably died or ran off. Timgen does not bother to recount the fact that Vaeri tried to stop the plague, or that Father Bolgrist was the first to accuse Vaeri of spreading it.
  • Dead Homes: After visiting the Rock of Mercies, Timgen guides the PCs through the north side of town where most of the plague victims lived. Most of their homes are empty and in a terrible state of disrepair. Only the very poor or desperate call this part of town home. Timgen notes that anyone with coin lives on the south side of town.
  • Drunk Shepherd’s Path: Leaving the north side of town, Timgen wants to be walked along this old shepherd’s path that wanders through the turnip farms around town. He mentions that they were once sheep pastures, but the last large flock left town years ago.
  • Old Shrine: The path leads to an old shrine in the middle of an ancient copse of oak trees. Timgen notes as the group wanders through the old woods while the shrine is currently dedicated to Gamala, it has served other purposes. He claims that druids used to gather at the shrine long ago. Since Father Bolgrist’s death, nobody worships here anymore. Unfortunately, the area is overrun by wilderness, and the shrine is home to a group of hungry Bloodseekers.
  • Candus' Mound: On the way back home, the path leads past Candus' Mound. Looming to the town’s southeast, this hill was the site of the first home built in the area. Timgen notes that Candus spent his fortune founding the town, only to die in a fire that consumed him and his family because the house was too far away from the well and the river.
  • Back Home: The path leads back to the Millstone. Timgen nods off and naps for the last leg of the journey, and upon arriving home, he complains that it took too long and he is late for lunch. Thelma thanks the PCs for their help before taking her father inside to get him some food.


  • Qosx

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