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Mat Khadur

Adapted from Pathfinderwiki- Tar Khadurrm
The empire of Tar Khadurrm was founded by Khadon the Mighty in 3279 AR after the victorious end of his crusade against the orcs of the Five Kings Mountains. The great city of the new dwarven empire, Jernashall, founded in 3312 AR, although Highhelm remained its capital. The surface city Raseri Kanton built near Jernashall in 3451 AR, to support the trade between the empire and the Taldan provinces of Cheliax and Isger.   The son of King Khadon, Sidrik was the second king of the empire, crowned after his father passed away, in 3451 AR. A few decades later the bustling metropolis of Jernashall named the capital of the empire. For 500 years Tar Khadurrm and its cities flourished, until the Rending of Droskar's Crag in 3980 AR.   The Rending destroyed Jernashall, the subterranean capital of the dwarven empire of Tar Khadurrm, and its sister city of Raseri Kanton on the surface. In Jernashall, a river of lava spewed forth from the great magma fall in the center of the city and killed every citizen within minutes. The fate of Raseri Kanton was just as horrifying: the whole city fell into the earth.   The Rending did what centuries of war and conflict never could, finally break the spirit of the dwarven people. The Rending marks the beginning of the decline of Tar Khadurrm, as the dwarves fell into apathy and indifference. For the next 500 years the dwarves of Five Kings Mountains carried on but at the end they fractured and tried to wrest power for themselves and their families.
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