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Chitterblood Goblins

Line of Goblins  from Isger ; survivors of the Goblinblood war that have been dispersed across Old Cheliax


Culture and cultural heritage

Goblins in Isger live in the Caverns of Chitterwood beneath the Chitterwood forest. During the Goblinblood Wars, a massive horde of goblins organized and led by Hobgoblin poured out of the forest and overwhelmed Isger's army. They were eventually defeated by an unlikely alliance of Chelish Hellknights, Andoren Eagle Knights and the Druman Mercenary League. All sides were devastated, but the goblinoids were defeated; most of the survivors fled back to the caverns from whence they came. Numerous crafty and well-organized goblin tribes, most still led by hobgoblins, plot revenge from their caves, including the True Hoard, Spine Threshers, and People of the Stirge.
Languages spoken

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