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Adventuring in the Sundered Cosmos- WorldEmber Pledge

It's WorldEmber time again. This year I'm diving in again this time around I'm not shifting my writing away from my adventure building. I want as many of my 10000 words to be integrated into my "West Marches" multiversal campaign setting as possible. my work will focus on developing 5x5s; that will be five starting arenas each with five hooks that will be potential starting adventures.   The Mifob contentment of Gradus is already the starting point for my Green Scare arc and I want to flesh out arcs for each of the continents of Gradus. I hope this will flesh out this world enough to allow players to wander and explore for a West Marches campaign.  


This world was attacked by four elemental titans; they ravaged the surface unchecked until the archmages of the age were able to concentrate Gradus's magic into five Makhtstones. the Makhtstones overpowered the titans and were used to bind them under each of gradus' continents. The Energies of the stones and these bound titans course across the planet.


The wild northeastern continent of Gradus courses with Divine Magic. Divine spellcasters find it much easier to tap into their source in the summer while on Geiddnir.


The Islands of the Marianan Ocean are all that remain of this broken continent. Arcane Magic becomes more accessible in the Autumn on these islands.


The Southwestern continent of Gradus is dominated by the nations of Rove and Bulandakhia. Dwarven nations to the south worked to help subdue orcish hostilities. Occult Magic expresses itself in the winter of the year here.

Green Scare

Adventurers in southeastern Mifob will experience political tensions between Orcish communities and the great nations of Mifob. A dark force is attempting to use the animosity of this prejudice. to raise yet another great orcish horde like those from the days of legend.


Gradus' eastern continent, Primal Magic surges in the spring here. The Nations of Saol, Tordal, and Augustia have risen to promenance here.

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