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Trio, Aldar, 6711 AR

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The world of Sunbeam is in a golden age; peaceful, harmonious civilization sprawls across the planet in great, sprawling cities of steel and wood that tower above sandy deserts and verdant forests. Magic is common and widely used, both for evil & good; there is not a man or woman in the cities that has not held a spell book. Trade between the great nations brings in wealth and glory for all; yet beneath this gilded era, a darkness looms. Old forces start to close their hands around the throat of civilization; thousand-year feuds will come to haunt and destroy great men, and the fire of society is consuming more and more.   Threats ancient and new threaten this golden age. No virtuous hero or divine champion will arrive; only men and women will raise their swords.   a.k.a. my badly written clockpunk/renaissance/early industrial age D&D world

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