The Fairy Court

Taking a last look at her family, Cinder hiked up her pack and walked deeper into the woods. She was banished until the wheel of the year turned for her part in helping a Dream Theif. While she didn't know his intention, the court had still rendered their judgement. She would present herself before the court the following year and win back her place in the Lake Tribe.


The court consists of 3 members of each of the tribes. There is also a growing body of scribes, guards, and other auxiliary staff that identify closer with their position within the court than they do their traditional tribe.


Most members of the court see themselves above the day to day worries of their kind. Many live outside their tribes once admitted to the court and will go to great lengths to demonstrate their neutrality when in regards to the tribes when they make official decisions.

Public Agenda

The Fairy Court seeks to bind the clans against the warring that threatened to destroy them in a previous age. The court is designed to allow the the clans and their members mechanisms to handle disputes and set things right.


The court originally gained its assets from the clans but as their power and influence grows they are now starting to generate their own wealth.

Foreign Relations

Political, Alliance
Government System
Legislative Body
The court is made of elders and representatives from the various tribes. Each tribe has a selection criteria based on the values the tribe holds.
Judicial Body
The court will meet when necessary to render hear complaints and render judgements, however they hold a continuous court during the twelfth month of the year. During "The Remedy Moon" the court will rule on major issues and will hand out some times tribal wide judgements.
Neighboring Nations

At Odds

The Fairy Court is responsible for many of the Forsaken losing their positions among the fairy folk. Those banished to the edges of their civilization often wish to get revenge rather than forgiveness.


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