Dream Theif

Waiting for the clouds to cover the moon, the small figure picked her way across the small stretches between the trees. Her eyes ever darting from the surrounding wood to her destination, a cracked window on the second floor. Shimming up the rain gutter she had almost made it when she felt the eyes of one of the Hawk Riders. They had seen her when she crossed the road and were just waiting to see who her target was. As she slid back down the pipe she could hear the wind whip of the rider as he and his mount descended on her.



Dream Thieves are usually quiet and nimble, but all nearly unscrupulous in who they are willing to deal with. The ability to sense and tell lies allows the thieves to deal with what are considered the worst of fairy society.

Career Progression

As the dream thieves gain in skill, they have the chance to move from opportunist to bounty hunter, and eventually a creature whispered, and feared by the children and their parents on the mountain. That is, however, if their career is not cut short by the many fae who hunt for them.

Payment & Reimbursement

Dream Thieves are paid not only for the quantity, but quality of dreams inflicted on the child. Dreams are used by some of the dark faeries in their forbidden magics. Some magics call for good dreams, nightmares, dreams of the future, or of the past. Many dreams are stolen, and sold when the opportunity arises, but occasionally a dark fairy will conscript a dream thief to collect a specific dream form a specific mark.

Other Benefits

There are few benefits to being a dream thief. However, they do gain access to some of the more powerful dark casters and the ability of exceptionally skilled thieves to gain their favors. These favors are often traded to other more scrupulous fairy who would make secret deals with the dark fey but not be willing or able to pay their price.


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