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The living lake

This lake is half matter half spirit,this lake is like an animal with its own simple mind (similar to an bacteria in IQ level)    

How it works Some dead civilization from 0-250 worship this lake until the collective karma of the civilization give the lake life .The lake will awake when the sun touch it and the water start to evaporate ,the lake will make an karma shell around it making itself to look like an very big water drop .The lake will try to find water to replace the missing water until the night or when it stop losing water .


The lake is always changing it's location, it travel in searching for water on the day and at night it try to find an big hole to stay in.For some reason the lake never leave the Tacsu desert.

Flora & Fauna

The lake will attack any animal,plant and fungi are the 300 meters area on that the lake can detect water .When the living creatures enter the lake all the water inside of the creature will be such in the lake (this apply to all wet objects or objects who have water ).

Natural Resources

NONE you can't extract water or any other resources from the lake ,if you are smart enough maiby you will find a way to use it like an animal worker (like an horse or an bull )
Alternative Name(s)
The Blue ball

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