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(a.k.a. Tooci)

Song that might have inspired this article   Tooci is the only person to ever come back from the dead. He is now a skeleton crusader.

Physical Description

Special abilities

He trows a cross shaped blade (3 m high) , that is all.

Specialized Equipment

He was a hunter when he was alive so he knows about karma (but he is unable to use it because of him being an undead)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Florin: So... how did you die?   Tooci:It was a long time ago, a man (I forgot his name) stab me for his wife.   Florin:Did you do something whit her?   Tooci:Yep.   Florin:And when did you come back to life?   Tooci:It is something that I never told you...   Florin:You are my close one so I accept you anyways.   Tooci: God didn't bring me back to life .   Florin:What?!   Tooci: It was a Capcaun named "Diablo".   Florin:No one shall have this power!   Tooci:He revived me and said "You will walk the earth once again till you have killed that man, I see the revenge in your eyes , you couldn't sleep without killing him, You will die only when you kill that man, I am happy whit this I hope you are happy to !"   Florin:Did you kill that man ?   Tooci: That mother fucker died 3 days after me.   Florin:Languege!   Tooci:sorry!   Florin:So did you kill him?   Tooci:No,the "stabbing people in the back" thing didn't go well for him.   Florin:Oh, then we meet?   Tooci: actually I died 20 years ago, I started to drink and I drunk till all my flash rot and you find me.   Florin: Don't warry friend!You arived here because God wanted so , so it must be good.   Tooc:i yeah   Tooci continues to kil non-Christians whot Florin till this day

Personality Characteristics


He wants to spread the Christia belives.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He is a greath cook. He does not know how to read.

Virtues & Personality perks

He is the most patient character so far , if Rim and Florin are to childs and Capitane and Jonathan are to angry to wait Tooci is the one with the patient necesar to deal whit many thing that other characters would just run from(or in the case of Jonathan , demolish it whit some equivalent of a bulldozer)

Vices & Personality flaws

He is a coward
923 951 28 years old
Circumstances of Death
Stab in the back whit a knife
None , he is a skeleton
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
None ,he is a skeleton
2 m
Character Prototype
When I made the Tooci I made him whit the intention of making the team between him and Florin.If Florin is just "over the top" Tooci is down to earth, probably the most down to earth character I made.

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Elijah T
Elijah Talbot
7 Sep, 2019 09:03

That bony motherfucker is back to cha cha cha on the world.