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Earth of The Strange is just like our real world Earth, except that it keeps amazing secrets. Though PCs may be exploring the crypts of soulshorn in Ardeyn or fighting spore wormsin Ruk, on Earth most people go to work every day, pay their bills, watch TV, and probably absorb themselves in a hobby or two, such as sports, games, art, or as in your case, the occasional tabletop roleplaying game. So you already know about what it’s like to live on Earth. You live it every day, and you know how the calendar works, some geography, some history, and so on. You might even be up on current events and follow a particular sports team or two. We don’t judge.

Only a handful of organizations (and less cohesive groups) on Earth purposefully interact with the Strange. They may intentionally travel to recursions, monitor travelers from recursions, and attempt to limit or exploit those interactions, depending on the group. But most keep their particular knowledge of the Strange hidden from the public at large. The most cohesive and active group on Earth is the Estate.

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