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Henry Jekyll

Doctor Henry Jekyll

A fairly new Doctor, ruining his own practice. He's a kind soul and a gentleman. Know as "The Good Doctor" as he does many for free and treats his patients with kindness and care. Despite all this he tends to be a push over and is easily taken advantage of and generally has low self esteem and anxiety. He thinks of himself as a selfish and bad person because he does his charity because it makes him feel nice. He bottles up his angry and stress and has no outlet for them besides working with medicines.   As he tried to permanently deal with his 'negative traits' he tried to invite a medicine to suppress them or get ride of them internally, but it resulted in the separation of his fears and anger into 'Edward Hyde'

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

What to Hyde experiences Henry experiences and vice versa.   Herny is slightly physically weaker then Hyde. He's of average build and size and can do simple manual tasks. He's slimmer looking because of his fancy well fitting clothes. His hair is nice and neatly trim as well as a love silky shade of black. His eyes are a brilliant blue color. Many often comment on how young he looks, and they often assume he is much younger then he is.

Physical quirks

Ambidextrous (Born left handed but taught to use his right)   He often bits his lips or nails when alone and nervous.

Apparel & Accessories

As a high class gentleman Henry, he wears a warm gray double-breasted frock coat. Under that a silk gray vest and a blue silk tie. his black pants are always pressed and neat and his boots as black and nicely polish.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Henry was born in a well to do family, with a history of physicians. He always dream of being a physician, but was under a lot of pressure to become a fine gentleman and hold up his family name. It instilled a deep fear of failure with in him. He continued one with his education those and learned how to be civil and sociable and a fine doctor. But has he continued with his schooling he found himself with a heavy interesting in chemistry and the making of medicines and drugs. Though becoming an apothecary wouldn't suit his social stance and his parents swiftly rejected the idea. Henry gave it up and his curiosity wouldn't go away so he began to study the field in secret.   Well in his final years of schooling, Henry's parents died leaving him everything.   But the pressure he had felt earlier in his life only grew. With his grief and stress, he acted out snapping at people and such but quickly realized that it would disappoint his parents. He became increasingly desperate to ride himself of the bottle angry, fears, and anxiety that boiled deep down in his being.   This leads to the creation of the potion, and the birth of Edward Hyde.   In fear of Hyde. Henry forced Hyde down as far as he could, but Hyde didn't give up. He slowly crawled his way back up taunting Henry the whole time.   Henry doesn't remember a thing of Hyde's second time out only that he woke up with a head ache. He had suppositions that Hyde had broken free, but he found he couldn't push Hyde back down like he had before. He dove in to his study and work and starting up his practice trying to forget about his seemingly hopeless situation. Almost every night though Hyde would take over, Henry could feel it in the back of his mind, but to his surprised Hyde never went as wild. And some night wouldn't even come out at all. His taunting had slowed and he seemed to take a more bossy almost protective stance.   With a slight chance in perspective Henry grew to trust Hyde's occasional advice and pair worked out their current deal.


Highly Educated, he carries a license to practice from Royal College of Physicians.


Self employed, runs his own practice as his grandfather once had.

Personality Characteristics


He wishes to re join with Hyde, and to generally help people.

Year of Birth
Biological Sex
He is very unsure
Gender Identity
Light Blue, Droopy
Short, Dark Black, Combed Neatly Back
Skin Tone
Pale White, Fair
Known Languages
English, Latin, and French

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