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Flashing a Palm

"Another day of bread and water" thought Jacob angrily as he flashed his palm at the mans back and watched as the man who had pushed him aside walked away from the stall with the last of the fish for the day. Jacob had been standing in line all morning waiting for his turn and was nearly up when the man had come running up out of nowhere, shoving him aside and pushing him out of the line. Well aware that nobody around would say anything or stand up to the man, he had tried to argue with the stall owner that he had been there first - knowing all along that the stall owner would never take his side against the man. "Yet another example of how Magic is ruining the world" Jacob thought. "Those with, those that can afford it even now as the last remaing Motes are left think they can walk all over everyone else." Everyone knew the man probably wouldn't hurt them with Magic but the way things were going now, it was hard to tell.


As holding a Mote in one's hand is necessary to use Magic, Flashing A Palm became the natural motion indicating that your hands are empty and that the offender isn't worth the Magic it would take to hurt them. In the early days when Magic was easy to come by, this was particularly offensive as the implication was that the offender wasn't worth bothering with in the slightest. In the current world as Magic becomes more and more rare the motion is taken to meanthat someone simply isn't worth your time or effort. Flashing both palms at once can be considered even more offensive as it shows that not only is one not worth the time, but that their reaction (that is, any Magic response) is also not worth concern.


To Flash a Palm means to hold one's hand outright from the boy, almost in a fist and fling your fingers open at the offender.

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