Submission Guidelines

How to Submit for Critique

  Until such time as World Anvil provides us with an editor that offers an in-line commenting system, this will be our standard go-to. If you have a better suggestion, bring it up. We're open to listening to new and innovative ways of getting things done around here.
  NOTE: For erotic content, you must mark submissions NSFW so that people are not caught off guard. You can do so at the top of your post, or in the case of discussion board threads, in the title. Anything from bare boobies to writing slanted towards arousal falls under this category. We support erotica as a valid genre of writing, but it will be submitted in a less public forum. Submissions will require the NSFW tag as well as a rating commensurate with the movie industry. The leadership reserves the right at any time to review this type of writing and decide whether or not it fits our group.

For Stories & Poetry

Poetry and prompt writing of 1,200 words (flash) or less may be submitted directly as posts either in the appropriate discussion thread, or directly in the designated channel in our Discord. Please add the number of the prompt and its content (#0012-The Dragon Ate Your Homework) at the top of your post. Also, specify if and what level of critique you are seeking. We currently have a range from 1 to 4.
  • NSFW - Rated (anything above PG-13: Rated R, or Rated X)
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still, or Prompt #001-22: You find an egg.
  • By Everwild
  • Requesting Level 4 - Dig Deep
  • Any notes or requests. Please keep it brief, no more than a paragraph.

Any writing longer than 1,200 words submitted for critique will be neat drafts linked from Google Docs with commenting enabled. Please do not submit links with editing enabled, as this option will give others the ability overwrite your work. Please submit only a copy of your draft, as it's likely to get marked up considerably, and it's better to keep your working draft separate from your critique draft.

Submissions longer than a short story should be broken into sections or chapters for submission. We are granting members the ability to submit the same story for critique at least 3 times (6 opportunities) in the first quarter and then 1 time every subsequent quarter after that.
  We've made allowances for submissions requiring prompt attention, and these will be submitted and critiqued outside normal parameters in order to address necessity, be that a deadline for completion, or preparation for something like a contest. Arrangements must be made with an Organizer prior to submissions of this sort.
  Other acceptable files, not intended for feedback or critique, can be offered in .pdf, .rtf, or .txt files through Discord. Submit in read-only mode.


For World Anvil Articles

We have agreed on the following standards and practices for critiquing World Anvil worldbuilding articles:
  Authors will follow the same submission guidelines above, except the link should contain the article. Note what level of critique the author seeks, but please keep in mind that we're not here to assist with CSS. We can comment on the aesthetics, but most of us probably only know enough about CSS to get ourselves into trouble.

Respondents will critique World Anvil Articles with at least 1 - 2 pages (we're not gonna cap your limit) of feedback to the level expressed, using screenshots to highlight any notable problems they may find. Then the link for the GDoc should then be made available to the author via their Member Suite via the Discord channel.
Workshops run from the 1rst to the 14th and from the 15th to the 30th of the month. Submissions are due the 1rst and 15th of each month.
  Members are expected to participate in both aspects of the workshop. You have the two weeks following each due date to respond to other writers' submissions.
  We're planning for future live discussion sessions on or around each of those deadlines so that people may ask for further input or clarification of critiques. These sessions may either be text chat or VoIP calls utilizing Discord.

The Levels of Critique

Please indicate only one level when submitting your story or WA Article.

  1. General Overview - Indicates the author is seeking just an overall 1 - 2 paragraph summary of whether or not the submission is working as written or why it isn't.

  3. Copy Edit - Indicates the author is seeking only corrections to typos, formatting, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

  5. Sounding Board - Indicates the author wants in-line commentary on possible weaknesses with the writing in the submission.

  7. Dig Deep - Indicates the author is seeking all of the above, and is also open to broader suggestions for change.


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