Sibilantstorm - Who I am as a fiction writer and as a critique writer

Written by Storm Weaver

Hi. I thought maybe, as we sit down together to look at one another’s writing, you might like to know a little bit about the person you’re allowing to look at your creation.

I suppose that the first thing about me is that I am creative, and love the act of creation. I am a good starter, but not always patient, or skilled at finishing well. I’m one of those people who has ideas, but who sees the nascent potential of a thing, rather than its resolution. This sometimes shows up in my work in rushed or unsatisfying endings that leave gaping amounts of un-tied story threads or dangling questions.

I seek, and write about, Light and Hope and their appearance in the most dismal and the darkest and most painful of life’s experiences. I believe in the future, but I believe that sometimes, in order to find the treasure of tomorrow, we must raze today to the ground.

I am an anarchist, but I am also collectivist. I believe, even as a profound introvert, that humans, in general, do best when they work collectively towards commonly-agreed- upon goals. I believe that we have done our greatest disservice to our race and to one another with the idea that human beings are isolated individuals, whose focus is myopic and internalized, rather than panoramic and global in our embracing of the collective opportunity of infinite individual variety.

I believe in being kind. I believe in being generous. My analysis of everything, including art and creation, revolves around the premise that kindness is always possible, even when one must be firm, or hold a boundary for safety’s sake. Cruelty is not in my nature, nor is it my nature to demean simply for the sake of diminishing another.

That said, I do not suffer fools, and to me, a fool is a person who intentionally chooses to be careless with their work, with their life, and with their impact on others around them. We do not exist in a vacuum, and choosing to put oneself above all of creation is an act of hubris that damages not only the individual but our collective existence.

I have come to see the beauty in flaws, and will often intentionally leave flaws intact, display the flaws of my creations, and find beauty, not despite the flaws, but because those flaws are an integral part of a whole that is not and cannot ever -be- perfect… Perhaps, too, I believe that perfection shouldn’t even -be- the aspiration, because perfection is… uniform. Sameness. Stagnation. Repetition. Creativity varies. Though the form may display similarities and mathematical precision, every single creative act has variations that make it unique. And it is not unique and beautiful in its -sameness-, it is unique and beautiful in the places where it diverges. In its flaws.

I have had to learn that my way is not necessarily the -best- way. Not for everyone. It’s hard to embrace that, sometimes, when it seems like the way someone else gets to their resolution is so much different than mine. I’ve had to learn to evaluate the road, to give information about places where the wandering doesn’t lead back to where the person said they were trying to go, in word or deed, without telling them how to get back to their chosen path. That’s hard, because I can always see the path that -I- would take, and it’s difficult, at times, not to put someone else on my path and just say “Go this way”.

I don’t handle change well, despite craving it. Even though I love change and the growth that it brings, I am always afraid of it, and have to work to let myself relish the possibility of it. Sometimes, it takes me a little while. Sometimes, I second-guess myself for a long time before I can come to terms with change, and inevitability. But Chaos, Change, knows that I am its servant, and that I know that, and love that role, and so it forgives me my resistance, and returns to me, over and over again, with new opportunities, despite the times that I have shunned it and shut my door to it in the past. Change is forgiving of me, and I am learning, now, to be forgiving of Change, as well.

I am honored and joyful to share creation with others who love the act as much as I do. It doesn’t really matter to me why people create, as long as they participate in the act of creation, and nothing that I say, and no critique that I give, will ever be intended to keep a person who is trying to create and to impart will and design upon the Formless from creating. Be Kind. I am a firm and decisive person, and my words may be direct and without flourish, but they are meant with kindness. They are meant with respect for the fact that you are a creator, just as I am a creator, and they are meant to encourage, not diminish or demean or disrespect or deny your inherent desire to create.

I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect from me, when you share your work in a group that I’m in. I hope I live up to my own potential, and thank you, for giving me the opportunity to enjoy you as you seek yours.


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